Monday, August 1, 2016

Three Hundo - NO MOE!

Taken this AM - 08/01/16

One of the biggest influences that led me to start the Making Over Me blog was my need to lose weight and get healthy.  It has been a journey.  You can look through posts going back to 2010 and see that I've had some successes along the way and pretty consistent failures too.  They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Well, "hell" in this case must be my scale reading just shy of 300 pounds this morning.  I've flirted with 300 before.  Even topped over it by a pound or two.  But this is very near the highest I've ever weighed.  My good intentions aren't cutting it.  I need good intentions to become consistent reality.

Hubs and I had a talk about it.  He's concerned for me.  My health has been going downhill lately (high blood pressure, varicose vein issues, acid reflux, foot pain, etc) and it is all directly related to my weight.  He's asked me to consider taking the month of August to intentionally and consistently follow some healthy practices and see how I feel and how my health is impacted (positively!) by month's end.  I agreed and these are the healthy practices I will be following during the month of August:

1 - Following a whole food vegan diet.  This means consuming mainly whole grains (rice, quinoa, etc), legumes (black beans are my fave!), veggies and fruit -- as much in their natural state as possible.

2 - While following a whole food vegan diet I will also be tracking some nutritional data.  I will record calories -- right now aiming for around 1800 daily (to adjust as my weight changes), sodium (American Heart Association says we should get 1500 mg or less per day), and sugar (AHA says women should have 25 mg or less per day).  So far it is day 1 and I'm finding it hard to get up to 1800 calories, but have already passed the sodium and sugar limits for the day.  Commercially made guacamole and salsa have exorbitant amounts of sodium!  And my morning caramel flavored iced coffee took over 1/2 of my sugar allotment for the day!

3 - I will start with the following daily activity:  two daily walks (one AM and one PM) with the dog that are 30 minutes each, time on the water rower (right now I'm able to do 3 minutes before stopping, but will be building that up over time), and evening 'de-stress/wind-down' yoga (found a sequence on Pinterest that I think can work for me!).

4 - Not eating after 9:00 pm at night and practicing intermittent fasting, which basically means several days each week I will stop eating by 8:00 pm and not eat again until about noon the next day. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting helps keep metabolisms guessing and calorie burn revved up.  I'll post some links to studies on future posts.

These practices seem do-able and I can adjust as needed over time.  I'll be posting more about how this month goes.  So far today has been good -- need to head out for my second walk and figure out a whole food vegan snack that can add to my calories -- I'm still 400 calories shy of my 1800 for the day!

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