Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: The Top 10 Edition

Since I'm slowly getting back into blogging, I'll take the easy road on my Weekly Wrap Up this week!  As I sit here thinking over my week, both the positives and negatives come at me in bullet point that is how it shall come at you too.  Shall we start with the good news or the bad?

Okay, we'll start with the bad - only it's not really bad...just least favorite (but still humorous in some instances)

The Top 10 Least Favorite Things About This Week

1.  Mountains of Laundry ... obviously laundry has to be done, and I don't mind doing the laundry (even though it involves hanging clothes on the clothesline and a need to time things right to avoid the rain).  It's the folding of the laundry that KILLS me!  I make my big kids wash, dry and fold their own laundry (I call it learning life skills...), but the laundry that me, hubs and little one create is enough to put me over the edge!  As I type we have no less than 3 laundry baskets full of clean dry clothes and towels hidden away in my bedroom to be folded.  My approach to it follows the mantra of Scarlett O'Hara... "I'll think about that tomorrow"

2.  Stinky Dogs ... my big dog has gotten much stinkier since he became an outdoor dog - including his breath (which I admit was not stellar to begin with).  But oohweee, I love to snuggle with the cuddly fella, but I can't handle the stench!  Dog baths are already on the to-do list for Saturday morning...

Stinky Boys 
3.  Mosquitoes ... one would think that with living in the tropics, I'd be immune to the mosquitoes by now!  The reality is, I don't think mosquitoes here are nearly as bad as they are in Minnesota in the summer!  But recently a new batch of mosquitoes have hatched around here that are ruthless!  (this is especially concerning since dengue fever has had an epidemic year in PR...I spend my afternoons going around the yard and tipping over anything with standing water).

4.  Dead Iguanas - our big stinky dog (see #2) is a born killer.  Though he is sweet and affectionate to most humans, he instantly turns into a vicious killer when an iguana enters the yard.  Once he catches it he won't let it go until he is assured it is dead.  This last week he killed 5!  Poor son has to dispose of them into the ravine next door to try and keep the decaying smell away from the house.  But when the wind is just right....pewww!

The Iguana Disposer
5.  My Child's Hickey!  - Yes, I have two teenagers, but thankfully this hickey doesn't belong to either one of them.  Unfortunately the young one just learned (today, as a matter of fact) what happens when suction is applied to the skin.  She decided to mindlessly suck on her arm while she was reading...and then came screaming to me wondering what happened to her arm!  I wonder how many people I'll have to explain her big reddish-blueish-purpleish 'bruise' to at church tonight...

Thankfully it faded fast!
6.  Colorful Dogs - I have a 7 year old, 13 year old and 15 year old.  Why then did I find our little white dog colored on with blue magic marker?  (one guess as to which child decided to express their creativity on this living canvas...)

I'm Blue! (da ba dee ba da ba daba DEE daba da)
7.  Turkey - Actually I love turkey...but after eating it for probably 15 out of 21 meals since last Thanksgiving, I was sick of it!  We had Turkey Noodle Soup, Turkey and Rice Soup, Turkey Sandwiches, Turkey Bowls and more.  Tasty, but glad it's done.

8.  Apathy - my own apathy bothers me as much as anyone else's.

9.  Black birds - Ugh, we have a ton of small black birds that like to raid our dog's food bowls and poop all over our outdoor furniture.  We've recently moved our homeschooling back outside now that it is 'cooler' and that tends to keep the birds away!

10.  Unfair Treatment - It's crazy that girls and women in some parts of the world are shunned from their villages and forced to miss school or work for an entire week EVERY MONTH, simply for lack of access to quality feminine hygiene supplies!  (Thankfully I have friends in the area that work to provide resources for such women - through an organization called Days for Girls.  I was able to help with one 'sewing party' a few months ago...hope to help again soon!)

That's me in the green, sewing liners for the shells

Now on to the GOOD part!

Top 10 Best Things About This Week

1.  My husband making breakfast, dinner, coffee and washing dishes SEVERAL times this week...for no reason other than wanting to help his family get off to a good start in the morning!

2.  My kids' new love of hunting annoying blackbirds (see post #9 above) with their homemade bows and arrows!

3.  Creating abstract art with the kiddos and celebrating their creativity!

Laura's masterpiece
4.  Having "girl talk" conversations initiated by my 13 year old...I'm glad she feels comfortable talking with me about whatever is on her mind!

5.  Seeing said 13 year old still wanting to play with toys (under the guise of playing with her little sister, of course).  I want to keep her heart young and innocent as long as possible!

6.  Getting EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM on our homeschool lesson plans completed this week for all three kids.  This has happened exactly ZERO times since we moved to Puerto Rico, so I'm definitely celebrating it!

7.  The way that God brings together believers of all walks of life and stages of faith for good discussion.  I enjoyed an interactive discussion on Acts 2:42-47 with friends just the other night!

8.  Sam's Club "Tres Carnes" (3 Meat) Pizza.  $10 bucks to feed the entire family something other than turkey that no one had to cook is definitely good news!

9.  The fact that I have ALL the ingredients in my kitchen RIGHT NOW to make caramel apple cheesecake bars (which you can find on my scrumptious Pinterest boards . . . or go directly to the recipe from Lulu the Baker!)

10.  That we received news that some of our favorite peeps books tickets to visit in January, meaning we'll have visitors with us for half the month of January (yes, that is a good thing...though it does guarantee that #6 will not be happening either of those weeks!).

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