Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tyranny of the Meaningful

Wow, it's been 11 months since my last post!  Crazy to think it's been that long, since I think of blog post ideas nearly every day!  The reality is, I love to write.  I may not be exceptional at it, but I find it is a sort of therapy for me.  A way to organize my thoughts, to share with the world, to vent, to wax eloquent...

But yet 11 months pass without a single blog post from me.  Why does that happen if I enjoy it so much?


Life gets in the way.  Life like this...

Traffic Jams 

Health & Fitness


Family Celebrations


Road Trips

Car Accidents


 Obviously not all these distractions are bad.  In fact, a lot of them are good!  I love spending time with my family.  I love that I get the opportunity to homeschool my kids.  I love the ministries I'm involved with and of course I love days at the beach!  I love the program I'm in right now to work towards my Masters degree, I (usually) love cooking dinner for our family and researching ways to live economically and eat healthily, and of course I love family celebrations (like the recent wedding of my little bro!).  I don't love traffic jams, car accidents, sickness or any other trials that come our way - though they are a reality of life.

In a Bible study I was in several years ago, we discussed the concept of the "tyranny of the urgent".  The tyranny of the urgent is the idea that we spend all our time doing, doing, doing - busy, busy, busy - but for what?  What do we have to show for always responding to the urgent, filling our schedules with activities and our to-do lists with tasks?  We are responding to the urgent with lightening speed...but is the urgent truly important?  The tyranny of the urgent is a trap that beckons us to stay busy, to keep ourselves so overly occupied and scheduled that we don't ever decompress.  We don't ever process life.  We don't ever spend time evaluating what we are spending our time and energies on.  And thus days, weeks, months and even years pass and we look back and wonder where the time went...why the passions that God has given us to serve or use our gifts and abilities for good continue to go unused or underused.

The tyranny of the urgent.

What if we turned it around and made our lives revolve around the tyranny of the meaningful.  Rather than filling up our schedules and to-do lists with 'one more thing', let's empty them as much as we can so we can have room for the meaningful.  Room to respond to a friend or neighbor in need.  Room to devote time and energy to a cause or ministry we are passionate about.  Room to really spend time with our families - not just sit in the same room together while we are all connected to different electronic devices.  Room to put effort into developing an ability or gift that we want to develop.  Room to write cards to people instead of e-mails or Facebook statuses.  Room to read for fun.

Tyranny of the meaningful.

I like the sounds of that.

(PS - the concept of 'tyranny of the urgent' was introduced to me through THIS Bible Study series from NavPress that I highly recommend for foundations of the Christian faith.  However it appears the term was originally introduced to the world through an author named Charles Hummel who published a booklet by the same name in 1967.)

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