Friday, September 16, 2011

Manic or Mohawk?

Our 'peliroja' in the manic, mohawk, HAMMOCK!!

In the front of our temporary rental home, there is a green hammock that spans the front of the patio area.  The kids love it and are always in it.  In fact, it has been the source of several arguments, some pouting, and several lectures and discipline rooted in the premise of SHARING.  
For the first couple of weeks though, Angie couldn’t get the word ‘hammock’ down quite right.  
Our two favorite variations was when she would say:
“Mommy, it’s my turn to be in the MANIC”
“Daddy, we better not put a MOHAWK in my room for my bed.  I might fall out!”


  1. THAT is the view from your rental home? Shut the front door. :)

  2. yes, that be the Atlantic Ocean about 50 feet from our front door. Pretty crazy! We love it, but it'll only be our view for a couple more weeks...