Sunday, March 13, 2011

Puerto Rico...Coming in June 2011!

Puerto Rican flag painted on the wall at Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla
 Recently I shared about our family trip to Puerto Rico in January of this year.  What a wonderful time it was!  But it was more than just a family trip.  It was a preparation trip for the upcoming move we will be making to the island!  We have been called to serve in Christian ministry to teens and young adults in Puerto Rico and we are excited to do so!  

There are many things to do as we prepare for this big move.  The first has been to get the word out about our upcoming ministry.  If you'd like to learn more, visit our website:  This ministry will be funded entirely through donations and we have been connecting with individuals and churches as we raise funds for this endeavor. 

Kiddos in the town square in San Sebastian

Another big aspect to our preparation to move will be selling nearly everything we own!  We will be renting a small shipping container to send some household supplies to PR when we move, but we won't be taking any furniture with.  We aren't taking our cars either.  We've already sold one car and moved down to being a one-car family.  We haven't had one car at all since we've been married!  So this is a new 'adventure' and so far it is going great.  Good thing too.  With gas prices on the rise, it is nice on our pocketbook and on the environment to limit our gas intake to only one vehicle.  We'll also be hosting a 'Friends & Family Sale" at our house in mid-April in the hopes of selling most of our furniture and household items to people we know.  However, anything we can't sell will be put on CraigsList or something similar to sell before the move.  

The biggest part of preparing for our move is getting ready spiritually and mentally.  Arming ourselves with the Word of God is something we should be doing daily, regardless of whether or not we are working in ministry.  Practically speaking we are also preparing ourselves to move to a different culture (though for our children this will be very much like 'going home'), and strengthening our grasp of the Spanish language (again, probably easier for our children than it is for us).  And so much more...

The plan, as of now, is to make our move to Puerto Rico in late May or early June of this year.  Much of that plan rides on our fundraising efforts right now and will be more clearly determined the closer we get to summer.

Ni├▒os walking along the beach near Quebradillas

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