Monday, March 14, 2011

My Favorite Links Monday

This is where I share with you some of my favorite websites, blogs or other links that I've been visiting lately!  DISCLAIMER:  I am not paid or otherwise compensated for mentioning these sites on my blog.  I just like 'em.  
Christian Health Cooperative - Through friends, I learned about this Christian Health Cooperative that was starting in my area in early 2011.  This group meets monthly and each meeting has a different topic relevant to living healthy and naturally...always focused on the directives God has given us in the Bible on how to live the healthiest lives possible.  I've been learning a ton from this group!  Even if you aren't local, you may benefit from some of the great info posted to this group's Facebook page.  A website will be started soon too!
The King's Speech - Just saw this movie this weekend...a bit behind the times for the Academy Awards.  Obviously we've heard good things about it!  We went with some friends who have been visiting from out of town and I loved it.  Particularly I loved the message the movie gave of 1.) perserverance, 2.) unity, 3.) confidence and 4.) success of the underdog.  Plus it was a bit of history I had never known!

Our Personal/Ministry Website  - My family is preparing to move to Puerto Rico in a few months to serve in ministry to struggling teens and young adults.  This link will take you to our personal family/ministry website.  We are excited about it, though the next three months will be quite busy as we prepare to go.  I wrote more about this journey HERE.

Ripe for Harvest - This is  the 'sending agency' we are partnering with to help us in the fundraising and administrative details involved in serving in this capacity.  We met with the Field Director this last week in person and love what RFH is all about.

Misty Meadows Farms - In my quest to make healthier and more natural choices for myself and my family, I have learned (through the Christian Health Cooperative, see above) about Misty Meadows Farm.  It is a local farm where the farmers raise organic, grass-fed, free-range cows and chickens that can then be purchased for a healthy all natural meat source.  We bought our first meat order from Misty Meadows Farm this past week...and the farmers themselves delivered it!  We are excited to use it in our meals this week...I'll update you on any fave recipes we try.  It feels good to be serving my family food that was raised and processed naturally before making it to our table.  I love that it is local too.  I hope that we can find farms like this in Puerto Rico!

Mama-Arte-Eco Blog - This is a blog I accidentally stumbled know, from clicking on a link that led to another link that led to another link.  That kind of thing.  The cool thing is, the writer of this blog is a 'puertoriqueña' (meaning 'a woman from Puerto Rico) who is a homeschooling, natural food eating, creative free spirit mama.  Her blog is in español, but I've been able to read it pretty easily...and it is great practice for further language acquisition.  Bonus:  she and her husband own an old school VW camper bus...which has long been one of my 'dream cars'.

Tropical Traditions  - Do you use coconut oil?  Did you know that coconut oil is one of the BEST oils to cook with?  Or, actually, to use for any multitude of purposes?  I was floored when I learned recently that olive oil is actually a very poor choice of oil to use when cooking at high temperatures because the beneficial qualities of olive oil break down at high temps and actually begin to release toxins instead.  According to THIS informative article, olive oil should never be heated past 200 degrees.  Use olive oil fresh or for very low temp cooking instead.  BUT coconut oil is great for high heat cooking.  It is also great for use in baked goods, using for homemade beauty products and even taking a scoop of straight from the jar!  Tropical Traditions specializes in coconut oil and other tropical products.  YUM!
Young Living - I listened to a demonstration this past Tuesday about using pure (as in therapeutic grade A) essential oils for treating everything from snoring to strep throat.  After learning about the many uses for pure essential oils and reading further about their healing properties, I am excited to invest in some commonly used essential oils and build up my knowledge for using these for my family.

How To Make Tostones - This coming Thursday, my kiddos and I are teaching about Puerto Rico for the Cultural Studies classes in our homeschool co-op.  We are excited to share about the island we have come to love.  The kids will be teaching a demonstration on how to cook tostones...a common Puerto Rican treat.  Juancho & Laura have made these tostones many times in our home and every time they are DELICIOSO!  We fry them in coconut oil, which adds to the flavor!  This tutorial helped me understand all the steps in making tostones.  It's actually quite easy...give it a try!

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