Tuesday, February 15, 2011

War Fallout

Actually, I know little about the military and the impact of war.  I'm completely ignorant to it.  My father was not in the military and missed being drafted back in the Vietnam days.  I do have a cousin involved in the military now, but thankfully he's never been stationed in current war-torn areas.

Army Combat Helmets

Tonight the hubs and I watched a movie called "Brothers" starring Tobey McGuire, Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhal.  It isn't a war movie per se, but it addresses the atrocities of war and the fallout that impacts the loved ones and family members and military servicemen/women once they are back home.  It was a sad movie...an unfathomable one, really.  What would I be like if I went through the POW experience that McGuire's character "Sam" did?  What would be our experience if it was my husband who went through something similar?  How would our family cope?  

It left me thought provoked...and burden for our soldiers that see and experience far more than we can imagine in their tours of duty.  It made me realize in a deeper and more profound way than ever before how much we need to pray for our soldiers...AND for their families.  

Lord Jesus I lift up the American soldiers around the world putting their lives...both physically and emotionally on the line for our country.  Lord only you know the internal turmoil and pain that some of these soldiers, especially those who have undergone some of the most dire circumstances, are going through.  I cannot fathom their pain, confusion, hopelessness, despair.  Lord meet them where they are.  Infuse them with your love, truth and hope.  Bring people into their lives that will speak truth, who will exemplify your love O Lord.  Protect our soldiers Lord...AMEN 


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers. My husband has been to Afghanistan twice as an infantryman (meaning, he's on the front lines). He has been out of the Army almost a year now and we as a family are still dealing with the effects of war. PTSD and Tramatic Brain Injury (TBI) are both pretty common in combat vets and my husband has been diagnosed with both.

    While you pray please pray for jobs. My husband and a lot of the men he deployed with got out of the army and have yet to find jobs. It is very discouraging for a lot of them.

  2. Ashley, thanks for sharing a small bit of you and your husband's story. I will keep you both specifically in my prayers and for the need for employment for you all and other vets.