Monday, February 21, 2011

My Favorite Links Monday

I love to read blogs, and often I find good info on them...that I use for our homeschooling, in day to day life, or just because I found something inspirational.  So each Monday I will post here with some of my favorite links from the previous week. If you have a link you'd like to add or that you think I might enjoy for a future Favorite Links Monday post, leave a comment with your link (just keep in mind that this is a family friendly only post links that are 'family friendly'!)  Thanks!

My Favorite Links, February 14th through February 21st
Free E-Book "Healthy for Life" from Weston Price Foundation, via The Nourishing Gourmet (scroll down and click on 'Download Now' for the free e-book version.  Not sure how long this will be available.)
Logee's Tropical Plants via The Homeschool Classroom - I've been daydreaming about planting a garden for quite a while now and since I'll be moving right around the start of MN planting season, I've transferred my garden dreams to TROPICAL garden dreams since in Puerto Rico I'll be able to have a year-round garden!  But I know next to nothing about tropical plants and tropical gardens. So this link provided from The Homeschool Classroom will set me on my course to planning my future tropical garden.  Yahoo!

Pocket Your Dollars is an everyday savings blog written by a local woman.  There are a lot of great blogs out there on how to save ridiculous amounts of money on groceries, etc.  I've always been a little overwhelmed at the idea of figuring out how I could save 90% off my grocery order using coupons and strategic planning.  Plus many of the savings blogs I'd read in the past would go on and on about savings that were found at stores that didn't exist in my area.  I like Pocket Your Dollars because it makes the idea of pursuing savings seem more manageable and do-able.  Granted, I haven't done it yet, but I have been saving coupons lately!  Plus I like that this one is written by a Twin Cities based author, so I know the deals can be found around me!

I've heard about Groupon for a while now, but I've just signed up to get the 'daily deals' sent to my inbox.  Based on what I've read and understand, I (or you!) can save 50%-90% on various items because such items are being offered for a short term on a 'group rate' basis.  So the idea is, if a certain number of people buy an item that Groupon is offering, you receive it at drastically lowered prices.  For example, today's deal is for a ticket to Timberwolves vs. Lakers OR Celtics PLUS another ticket of choice PLUS a Season Yearbook...all for 50% off of the retail value.  (note: the link takes you to the Mpls/St. Paul version of Groupon...but if you are located elsewhere, just click the drop down menu at the top by where it says "Minneapolis/St. Paul to find your area.)
Shutterfly...I'm a new Shutterfly user and so far in the past two months I've gotten links for 200+ free prints.  I like that.  I just ordered 101 free prints of our Puerto Rico trip using a code that Shutterfly e-mailed me for the 1-day deal.  I like free.

Blogs getting my attention this week:

REAL FAT - Keelie, the writer of REAL FAT was an inspiration to me last spring when she and I were pursuing more active lives and losing weight at the same time.  But I fell off that wagon AND off the reading blogs wagon.  I just went to check in on her and that girl lost 60 pounds last year!  She looks FABULOUS!  And she has inspired me to 'Try, Try Again' (blog post on that coming soon...).  You are Hot Stuff Keelie!

Cold Antler Farm - I've been a lurker on this blog for a long while now, after reading the back jacket of one of author Jenna's books at Barnes and Noble and seeing the address for the blog.  Couldn't buy the book at that time (bummer!) so I remembered the web address for her blog and have been following along ever since.  I vicariously live through Jenna's posts...I'd imagine if I ever attain the dream of living on a hobby farm, I'd approach it with the same simplicity and joy of life as Jenna.

I've loved The Crafty Crow forever...every time I check it out, I'm inspired. 

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