Monday, February 7, 2011

Exercising My Way... Puerto Rico!

(I'm just going to gloss on by the fact that I haven't updated this blog in forever...and move right into this post as if I haven't been gone for months on end...)

Crazily enough, my family and I will be moving to Puerto Rico around the end of this school year.  We are super excited about it!  Through a long journey (and a very cool story that definitely deserves its own post one of these days...or rather, series of posts!), we have found ourselves with a wonderful opportunity to partner with a Christian organization in Puerto Rico where we will help, amongst many things, to develop and run youth programs for teens ages 13-18.

In August 2010 my hubs and I traveled just the two of us to Puerto Rico to check out many things, including this organization.  And to celebrate our 5th anniversary.  It was awesome, as the pics will show...
Hubs and I on Crashboat Beach...crystal clear waters behind us!

 Colorful boats on Crashboat Beach

Me after climbing to the top of the observatory at the top of Britton Peak 
in El Yunque, the rainforest.  We could see 3 sides of the island from up there!

 Me in my snorkel gear on Vieques island

Though we were able to enjoy many of the 'vacation' aspects of The Enchanted Island, our purpose there was to check out some various ministry opportunities.  One such opportunity was clearly the right fit for us and we began to make plans shortly upon our arrival back to Minnesota in early September (after being delayed by Hurricane Earl that sideswiped Puerto Rico and delayed our return home by two days) to move to Puerto Rico within the year.  

So that is the back story to my 'Exercise My Way..' plan for 2011.   I needed an attainable, yet challenging goal to focus my exercise this year.  Last year my starting goal was C25K, or 'Couch to 5K'.  It was a great focus, and indeed I ran a 5K in May, my first ever.  But after that, my motivation waned.  It became hard to stay focused on working out regularly.  Within a few weeks my regular workout routine had stopped altogether and within a few months I gained back the pounds I had worked so hard to lose.  So for 2011 I wanted to give myself a goal that would be really tough to achieve in one year...but to strive to achieve nonetheless (though being okay with it if it takes longer long as I stay consistent!).  Curious, I decided to see how many miles it is from Shakopee to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.  2,403 miles was the answer.  Flying by plane, that is about 5 1/2 hours.  Walking (or jogging, swimming, on the elipticall, etc.) is sure to take many, MANY times that amount!

So far I've covered 30 miles...including some mileage that I actually did IN Puerto Rico (the fam and I just came back from our 2nd trip to the island...this time we took the kiddos!).  We did a lot of active things while we were visiting, including hiking in a rain forest! 

But most of my mileage (being that it is winter in Minnesota...) have come from the treadmill, elliptical or cross trainer at the gym.

At this point I've barely made it out of the Twin Cities metro area, so at this rate it's going to take me a LONG time to "Exercise My Way" to Puerto Rico.  But I'll be starting to step up efforts a bit more this week.  I'll keep you updated on mileage from time to time here.

THANKS for cheering me on!


  1. Congrats on the move. That is so exciting. I believe that the beautiful weather, even in the rainy seasons, will be significant motivation for you to exercise daily. Speedy and safe move to all of you. Buena suerte!

  2. What a fantastic idea! The kids and I are training for our first 5K and this would be a fun way to track how far we have gone. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Thanks Rosa...yes, I agree, having 80+ temps every day will be great motivation to more excuses!

    ChefPenny - How fun that you and your kids are working towards a 5K together...what a great idea!