Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Sunny World

I am quite late on my weekly wrap up...this should ideally be done on Friday or Saturday...BUT we were actually still finishing the activities for the week on Saturday afternoon.  And there's been no downtime since then.  But, without further ado...here is my weekly wrap-up from last week.


Last week was S-Sun week for Kindergarten.  We had a lot of fun!  Ironically though, outside we didn't see much sun during the week.  It looked mostly like this all week:

On the one sunny day, we talked about all the good things the sun provides to us.  We went outside and practiced walking blindfolded to see what it was like to walk in darkness as opposed to in the sunlight.  Poor Sassafrass took off running in her blindfold and ended up falling and skinning her knees.  She was okay though...and that led in perfectly to what we talked about next.  We equated how walking in darkness physically can be scary and cause owies, it is the same when we try to live life without God.  Since "Jesus is the Light of the World" (the theme words for this week), we talked about how we need His light to shine us to help us through life and to keep us from dangerous things.

Another day we kicked it off with homemade pancakes...complete with a letter S pancake! 

 Some other S-Sun learning included:
coloring her "Jesus is the Light of the World" page

painting a sun, using alternating colors for the rays to reinforce the concept of patterns

Making "Sun" cookies!  

Exploring Countries & Cultures 
This was the last of the first two world overview weeks to kick-off this curriculum.  We had a lot of fun with it and ended the week with a field trip about the Civil War...a perfect way to kick off our next unit about North America!

Here are some things the older two did for ECC this past week...

They learned about xylem and phloem.  Here are some celery xylem.

Doing a celery xylem experiment

On our 'Nature Notebook' day (Wed.) we visited several parks and did many bark rubbings on various trees and collected leaves (which are currently being pressed)

 To highlight and celebrate world cultures, we did a "Hands Around the World" art project.  Sassafrass, Lala & Juancho looked at various books about kids around the world, and then decorated their own multi-cultural kids on their paper chain.  They are now hanging up in the school room.  We really enjoyed this activity.

 We did our world cakes on Saturday due to our all day field trip on Friday (see below).  The kids were supposed to each pic a hemisphere to design on their cakes, but instead they each picked a continent.  Juancho is displaying S. America and Lala & friend highlighted Africa.

 A few other things from our week...

 It was another harvest week at the garden!  We popped over there to see what was ready to pick after our Nature Notebook time.  We filled the trunk with mini pumpkins (we had nearly 50 total!), a couple swan gourds (they're huge!) and some watermelons.  Angie was thrilled with the teeny tiny pumpkin and teeny tiny watermelon.

 Field Trip: Fort Snelling

On Friday we went to Fort Snelling for their "Homeschool Days" along with others from our homeschool co-op.  Fort Snelling was built in the early 1800's to be a frontier outpost and military training camp.  It was actively used for training soldiers in the Civil War era.  Costumed re-enactors told about life at Fort Snelling during that time.  It was a very active event that we all enjoyed very much!  We just wish the weather had been just a bit warmer and less windy that day!  Here are some pics...

 And finally, not related to homeschool at all, but definitely related on keeping a home, I was quite pleased with the way my Chicken & Dumplings dinner turned out!  It was loosely based on this recipe, but I greatly modified it (namely, it was made with chicken, less broth (simply because I didn't have more), no potatoes (didn't have any of those either), and I used store bought rolls (I need to cut time expense where I can!).  It was yummy...though I plan to do some spices in it to increase the flavor next time...plus cook it a bit longer in the stove...perhaps brush the tops of the rolls with egg whites first?  Anyway, here it is!

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  1. Found your blog from MFW Blog Roll links. We're doing ECC too so it was fun to see your pictures, etc. We are loving MFW/ECC!

  2. Hey Holly! I think you were looking for Glenda's blog (above) and somehow wound up on mine (Hawkeye Academy). Thanks for your comment though! As for your question about the "Hawkeye" name, that story can be found here:
    We are actually from NC. I do have a son, though, who loves football and knows plenty about the Hawkeyes!
    It looks like you are having fun with MFW-ECC. This is our first year home schooling and we are having a blast.