Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday: Decorating for Fall

I love the theme of this new meme I found!  Tackle It Tuesday!  Just what I need...something to help me keep on track to complete a task that I have on my to-do list and blog about it!  At the end of this post I'll let you know what I hope to tackle for NEXT Tuesday, so ya'll can keep me accountable!

I had it on my to-do list to get the house decorated for fall LAST weekend (the 17th/18th), but it didn't happen.  Probably b/c I didn't have a Tackle It Tuesday meme to keep me accountable!  ;)

But on Sunday, DH took the two older kids to help a friend clean out his garage, so it was just Sassafrass and I around the house.  And since our house has some showings coming up (we have it on the market) I knew I needed to get some deep cleaning done.  In the process of doing the deep cleaning, I decided it would make sense to pull out the fall decor and get that put up at the same time.  

I really like how it turned out.  Makes me start to embrace fall a little more (though the changing leaves outside are a paradox to me.  On one side I love them because they are so beautiful and such a great symbol of God's handiwork.  On the other side they signify the soon (very soon!) coming of winter...which lasts so long in the frozen tundra of MN!).  

Here are some pics...enjoy!

Our little Sassafrass monster...she is a stitch!  The other day, around the dinner table, we were discussing the adventures of the day.  Sassafrass says "Mommy & Daddy, I am collecting something!".  I say, "Oh, is that right?  What are you collecting?"  She smiles and matter-of-factly says "I'm collecting roof.".  My husband nearly chokes.  "You're collecting what?"  "Roof" Sassafrass replies again.  She goes on to say that she plans to sell the 'roof' she's been collecting to people that might have holes in their roof.  Turns out that after a recent thunderstorm, several roof tiles off of the townhomes in the area have fallen to the ground...and today Sassafrass brought in her roof collection this far to show me today.  As you can see, she is quite proud of it!

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