Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Hi Friends!  I'm sorry I disappeared for a couple weeks.  I actually didn't go anywhere!  But my husband did, which meant that this mama of 3 had much less "me" time than usual.  I was a busy girl the past 2 weeks!  Here's a brief "Weekly Wrap-Up" (even though it is on a Monday and it covers 2 weeks...does that even count?)

Week of June 21st

After seeing my husband off at the airport (he went on a mission trip to Egypt, btw) on Father's Day...

...we kicked off our busy week of VBS at our home church on Monday.  It was called "The King, The Kingdom and They Key".  My son & I served as table teachers in the 1st grade classroom and it was a ton of fun.  It was my son's first time being in a serving and leadership role...he had a table of 4 first grade boys he was in charge of...and he did great!  I was really proud of him.  It was Sassafrass's first time at VBS, and she loved it...made a new friend with a fellow redhead!  And Lala enjoyed her time immensely as well.  A highlight was the ending program that Friday night (complete with tornado sirens going off, causing all 500 or so people to huddle in the basement of the church until the storm cell passed (with no tornado touch down in our area)) and the opportunity to get 'autographs' from the cast of characters for the week.  Characters like...

Karman, the King's Head Guard

"Bix Baxter", the famous Game Guy!

And of course, the evil villian!  (notice the 'blood' on his hands?!?)

I also continued to tend our community garden plots.  We were there every couple days, weeding and watering and admiring the rapid growth.  The gardens were small then...but there is a gardens update post planned for later this week...where you can see that our corn was indeed "knee high by the Fourth of July!"  Here is what our two plots looked like back on this week in June...

The "Kids' Garden" (which ironically does not mean that the kids do the actual work in the garden, but rather that they picked what they'd like to plant in there).  Planted with pumpkins, gourds & sunflowers.

The "Nourishing Garden" planted with all sorts of stuff to eat...peas, corn, peppers, carrots, spinach, broccoli, beans, and some herbs. (tonight 2/3's of our dinner was from this garden...which gives you an idea of how much it has grown in just two weeks!)

As a licensed real estate agent (but minimally practicing) I took over my husband's real estate business while he was gone.  So I spent the rest of our time managing that...which was fun and stressful all rolled in to one.  It definitely made me very thankful for all the work my guy does for our family!

Week of June 28th

This week settled down a bit since VBS was over, which had taken up over half of our day in the previous week.  We all started to feel my husband's absence more, including little Sassafrass.  One nap-less afternoon, Sassafrass was on the verge of meltdown with every situation that didn't go exactly the way she wanted it to.  Being the 'no-nonsense' mama that I am, she was becoming increasingly frustrated that her attempts to get me to change my stance on a household rule weren't working So she stomped up the stairs to her room in a huff.  She came down about 10 minutes later, with a backpack on and two other bags in hand...along with a picture of her daddy.  A picture that used to be of her daddy and I together, but I had been ripped out.  She said to me "It's too hard in this house, so I'm going to live at a hotel in Egypt".  And she proceeded to walk out the back door (and get as far as the neighbors driveway...where friends were playing with sidewalk chalk).
These were Sassafrass' bags...packed with several outfits (even undies!), 
some lipgloss and her Cubbies handbook! (notice the Egypt bag?)

The rest of the week was pretty low-key.  We didn't do a lot of outings because I was tied up being a working (from home) mama for the week with the husband's business.  As a gift to my husband I also decided to organize his home office and beautify it a bit.  I wish I would have taken a Before picture!  But the task inspired me to get my own superbly out of control office/school room under control as this week's project, which is currently underway.  I did take a Before picture of that...and against my better judgement (speaking of judgement...don't judge me!) here it is:

And this is only part of the room...

The end of the week was definitely the highlight!  Daddy came home from his Egypt mission trip on the Fourth of July.  The kids made posters and we greeted him at the international arrivals gate at the airport.  More on our actual Fourth festivities in another post, but here's a pic of the kids anxiously awaiting their Daddy!

So Patriotic!

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