Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vote for KidSave!

UPDATE:  KIDSAVE WON!  Thank you for voting for a tremendous organization!  Not only does KidSave win the Reader's Digest $1500 award, but another voter pledged to donate double that a total of $4500 is being donated to this great organization!  Read more about it HERE.

Have you ever heard of Kidsave?  It is a wonderful organization that really impacted my kids' lives...and indirectly brought our kiddos to us 3  years ago...changing our lives forever!

From the 'What We Do' page on the Kidsave website:

What We Do

Kidsave gives kids who are hidden from public view in foster care and orphanages the opportunity to visit with families and build relationships. We work as a catalyst for change, training social workers, orphanage workers and volunteers to help kids find permanent families, and change practices, laws and public financing to increase permanent family care for orphans and youth in foster care.
Since 1999, more than 2700 individual children have found parents and lasting connections with adults because of our programs. Thousands more orphans and children in foster care around the globe have parents and lasting connections because of our training and advocacy efforts.
Kidsave is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to move older children out of orphanages and foster care and into permanent, loving families.

My children participated in the 'Summer Miracles' program that Kidsave runs.  They got to spend a month with a family in California, experience swimming lessons, camp, and having their birthday celebrated for the first time ever!  Though we didn't meet our children then, someone from our adoption agency did and just knew that these were the children for our family!  And they were...once we got the referral we never looked back!

Kidsave is one of five non-profits chosen by The Good Muse to be voted upon to potentially receive a $1500 grant from Reader's Digest if they win!  Knowing that all non-profits are hurting during this economic down-turn, and that all five non-profits selected are doing significant work in the world, I challenge you to head on over to The Good Muse to leave a comment for your fave non-profit.

Being biased to Kidsave, I would also say that by saving the life of an orphaned or abandoned child by placing them in a secure, stable and loving home also saves many other world issues for that child.  VOTE FOR KIDSAVE!

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  1. We have a nephew-in-law that was adopted from Colombia after participating in a summer program (not sure if it was KidSave or not).

    I think KidSave is a wonderful organization. Thanks for letting us know about the Reader's Digest thing so we can vote for them!