Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Twinkle, Twinkle, Freaky Eyes!

It was a pretty rainy and cloudy week, which made for many less trips to the garden and far more indoor activities!

Over the past weekend we went to a Damsels & Dragonflies event at our local park district.  The kids got to identify the larvae of damselflies and dragonflies in pondwater, amongst many other things.  Then they got to search for all sorts of wildlife in the pond themselves.  They found tadpoles, minnows, and all sorts of microscopic swimmers!  AND I was successful in one of my June goals...I packed a healthy lunch for all of us to take to the event rather than stop and pick up snacks or fast food on the way.  YAY!

Monday - I got the notion Monday morning to do a summer project of my own!  I realized, looking at some pictures, that it has been 10 years since I served on a one year short term mission trip to Ireland.  It was with Youth for Christ and was called the Y-1 program.  I was the only American on a team of 15 or so.   The rest were from Canada, Ireland or England.  I've lost touch with a few, but thanks to Facebook I've reconnected with many.  But I decided to spearhead a 'virtual reunion'.  So after schoolwork was done for the day, I focused on sending out e-mails to my former Y-1 team members...and doing some searching to find a few I had lost.  We hosted small group at our house that night...finishing our marriage study. 

Tuesday - I began the morning by perusing thoroughly the curriculum that had come in the mail the day before for school next year for Juancho & LaLa.  I loved leafing through the new (to us) books and the teacher's guide (I'm thrilled to have a teacher's guide after having done 'my own thing' for the last year!).  I'm planning on taking some extensive time this summer to get things planned out in detail for the next school year.  Juancho, Sassafrass and I popped over to the garden while there was a dry moment and checked out the weed situation.  It hadn't gotten too bad, but we pulled the offenders anyway and lightly watered the fledgling plants.  It was the last day of school for the public schools in the area, so all the neighborhood children played until it got dark...and our kiddos played right along with them while I watched "Losing It With Jillian" and got inspired to lose 30 more pounds this summer!  I also sold a few things that I had from this past school year online.

Wednesday - Sassafrass decided to make videos this morning.  She used my Mac and discovered the options to distort her own image while she was recording.  In most recordings she sang varying renditions of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".  That is, until she got to the distortion that gave her 'freaky eyes'.  Then she changed up the chorus to fit the situation.  See what I mean?
Juancho had his first night of JAM - our church's junior high youth ministry and the kick-off night was an all out water balloon battle!  Juancho had a great time and is looking forward to getting more plugged into to the youth programs at church!  Meanwhile the girls loved having several hours to play outside with their friends.  (thankfully the rained subsided for a few hours Wed. evening!).  I also worked on putting together a summer schedule for the kids and I...trying to take advantage of as many FREE offerings this summer as possible!
Thursday - Started the day by running errands with Sassafrass while the older two stayed home to work on their morning routine chores and school stuff (with Daddy's help).  Made four stops, including one to the garden to check on the progress.  The corn is getting taller and all of the peas, cucumbers and green beans have finally pushed through.  Everything is looking great except LaLa's carnations.  I hope they'll rally and come back to life!  The rain was drizzling during most of the errand running, but it progressed to a steady rain by the time we got home.  I quickly developed an incredibly intense sinus migraine...often triggered by rainy weather.  Ibuprofen couldn't touch it, so I parked myself on the couch and helped the kids finish up their school.  Daddy thoughtfully ordered pizza for lunch.  I was pleasantly surprised at how the kids entertained themselves.  LaLa pulled up an old box from the recycling pile and made a "T.V." out of it and put on her own shows through it.  She was quite creative with it...shoulda snapped a picture.  LaLa said she loved being "Little Mom" while I was sick.  She even made supper from a recipe in the cookbook she received for her birthday and did a great job!  Later in the evening Juancho chose a show on Discovery (I think?) about the BP oil spill.  It was quite informative and at the same time sickening.  We ended the night watching a couple episodes from Little House on the Prairie - Season 3.  We love that show and I think we'll make it our regular 'rainy day' show for the summer.  There are 8 seasons, so we have a lot to get through!

Friday - We ordered Rosetta Stone Spanish, Levels 1-5 to incorporate into our school over the summer and on into the school year.  We had fun getting it set up and tinkering around with it.  Juancho did Lesson 1 and blasted through it with no problem!  He can still roll his 'r' perfectly, so he aced the pronunciation part!  (actually, he aced all of lesson one)  The kids got through their schoolwork in record time this morning and had some time to spare before we left to get their annual required standardized testing done.  We were a bit on the late side getting that done, but it has been completed now!  We get the results next week...I'm curious to see how they did after year 1 of homeschooling!  Juancho had a Lego Club overnight party to head off to in the afternoon and LaLa & Sassafrass got to hang out with their favorite babysitter while the hubs and I met up with some other friends for a date night!  Now I'm finishing this post before heading off to bed!

I hope to get to the local farmer's market tomorrow AM before picking up Juancho from his overnight.  Then it's off to the 1st birthday party of the son of good friends.  Sunday will be Commissioning Day for hubs and his Egypt team at church.  Hope to get my 'Freshen Friday' stuff done tomorrow (oops, slacking on June goals already?!? I blame it on the sinus headache from threw everything off schedule!)

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  1. Good job on packing a healthy lunch. It's sooooo much easier not to.

    I would love to have Rosetta Stone, but can't stand the price. We picked up another system at the library, but it's not nearly as good. My boys have completely forgotten their Spanish and I would love to have them at least know some.


  2. Sounds like a fun week. Way to go packing a healthy lunch. I am so guilty of our "picnic lunches" being from a fast food place. It always makes me feel better, though, when I pack a healthy lunch, so I don't know why I don't do it more often.

  3. It is way easier not to pack those lunches...I'm gonna try to keep my fridge stocked with easy sandwich stuff, and healthy grab-n-go snacks to encourage the lunch packing for all our summer outings we have planned!

    I hear ya Karen about the cost of Rosetta Stone. We would have gotten it sooner if it weren't for the cost. But like you, we couldn't find anything that could touch it as far as its effectiveness. The older two kids still know Spanish well enough to understand and speak it, but they had completely lost any ability to read or write it. Angie has forgotten almost all Spanish. So hopefully this will help re-develop that!

  4. I'm impressed with those healthy lunches!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - we are in MN too, but a different nature center! I've never heard of the one you were at - will definitely have to check it out. :)