Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Strawberries, Skateboards & A Gun...


I finally got to our local Farmer's Market!  Unfortunately I only had about a half hour to explore because the rest of the morning included some time-sensitive errands.  But it turned out perfect because as we were finishing our loop of the Farmer's Market, the raindrops started to fall.  We did get some DELICIOUS strawberries from one stand, a HUGE bunch of green onions for just $2 at another stand and a dozen farm fresh free range grass fed chicken eggs from Farm On Wheels - a vendor I plan to purchase meat and eggs from more in the future.  I love their farming philosophy and the huge health benefits of eating free range and naturally fed animals for meat.  The farmer directed me to the website for Eat Wild to learn more about the case for grass fed meat.  Interesting stuff!

Sassafrass has been begging to get her hair cut...but I just can't get those beautiful red locks chopped off to her chin as she had desired.  So we struck a compromise.  She still got about 4 inches cut off, but her hair remained below her shoulders which kept this Mama happy!


Can you see a difference?

We celebrated the first birthday of our friend's son on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately the rain (it's been raining every day for a week...) dampened the park party, but the birthday boy still had a great time!

Digging in to his first birthday cake!

The husband got commissioned at church on Sunday for his team that will be leaving soon for a mission trip to Egypt for two weeks where they will be doing many humanitarian projects. 


We woke up this morning to steady rain.  Bummer since it was supposed to be Juancho's first day of skateboard camp!  The session was cancelled and the boy was majorly bummed.  We came home and worked on school for a couple hours before lunch.  They completed phonics, math, spelling, and handwriting.  Then they each did a 1/2 hour of silent reading.  The youngest (Sassafrass) worked on several pages of her comprehensive curriculum preschool workbook that we've been working through all year.  She wants to have EVERY page done by the end of this week!  After lunch I made our weekly menu plan and grocery list while the older two alternated doing 30 minutes of their Rosetta Stone Spanish and playing Monopoly with Sassafrass.  (Side note: Overheard during Monopoly...Juancho says to Sassafrass - "You need to pay a fee of $25".  Sassafrass asks "How much is that?"  Juancho pulls a $20 and a $5 from Sassafrass's money pile.  After he pulled her last $5, she says "Awww...bummer!  I wanted to use that to buy a $5 foot long!")  After that we all went to the library to sign up for the summer reading program and find out how much I have to pay in library fines (yikes!  that's another area I need to work on...basically all the areas I need to work on come down to one thing. Organization.)  We went to one of the two grocery stores I shop at for our weekly groceries and got what we could there, then back home to make dinner before Bible Study group.  At Bible Study we took a spiritual gifts inventory.  It had been a while since we had taken it and I was curious about what my results would be.  #1 was, with a "perfect score", the gift of "missionary" (aka-the ability to feel comfortable with and relate to those of other cultures, heritages and countries).  This did not surprise me...I've done a lot of short term missions, including a year overseas.  But I've put the idea of missions on the back burner for the past 10 years.  Recently I've sensed the knocking on the door of my heart.  So has my husband (who had "missionary" as his #2 incidentally).  We have no idea where God may be leading, but we are walking by faith down whatever road He may lead us!

And I can't leave this out...upon taking the dog outside to his biznass Monday night before bed, he nearly instantly found a frog in the long grass and had it in his mouth in a split second.  I saw the poor froggie's legs sticking out of my dog's mouth, but despite my frantic efforts to free the frog from the death clamp, my pooch decided to completely eat the frog instead.  I heard bones crunching and everything...ewwwww!!!


YAY!  The sun and blue skies were out for the first time in a week!  They ended up being short-lived as thunderstorms rolled in that afternoon, but the sun was around long enough for Juancho to get his first day of skateboard camp under his belt!  By the time we picked him up three hours later, he was rolling down those mini half-pipe thingys like a pro (can you tell I don't know my skateboard lingo?)!  He only got a couple minor road rashes, but we figure that goes with the territory!  They've got him outfitted in a helmet, elbow, wrist and knee guards too, so he's pretty safe!  While he was at his camp, I took LaLa to get some minor cavities filled, sealants on her teeth AND to get a tooth pulled!  The tooth has been loose for a while, but not loose enough to pull at home...and an adult tooth is growing in behind it.  The dentist did great though and little LaLa didn't feel a thing!  We got back home from our busy morning in time for lunch, then started school after lunch.  Kids didn't complain about needing to do school in the afternoon (when we are usually done for the day) and they worked hard.  In between giving direction I got the last flowers planted along with Angie's Magic Touch plant (and got to cross it off my to-do list!)  Later the kids and I piled in to head over to a rental property my husband is working with an investor on.  The investor needed the place cleaned and was willing to pay good money.  So I volunteered!  Me and my mini-crew.  I offered the kids $10 of the cut each ($5 for Sassafrass...and you guessed it!  She wants to use her $5 to buy a $5 foot long!) if they wanted to help.  They were all over it!

SCREEEEECH.  Back up.  I left out the part about the red SUV, a guy with a major road rage problem, and a gun.  Yes, a gun!  When we were driving to the rental property, we were on a highway with a speed limit of 65.  I was going 70 in the left lane when the red SUV came flying up on my tail.  I went to change lanes, but the right lane had several cars right there and I couldn't move over.  Eyeing the driver of the red SUV in my rear-view mirror, I could see that he was yelling and flipping the bird.  And I was already speeding!  I threw my hands up saying "Hey buddy, calm down!" (saying it in my own car with the windows rolled up that is...) and then I saw him reach over into the passenger seat and suddenly hold up a handgun and cock it with his other hand and point it at me!  Yes - I did get his license plate number and I did call 911.  I hope they followed up on it!  (PS-more on this in a post soon to come...)

Later that night we went to see the new Karate Kid movie as a family.  We really enjoyed it!  It was a good family night activity...and we were glad we were able to get it in since the husband is leaving soon for 2 weeks in EGYPT!


Wednesday was one of the only kind of "down" days for us this week...every other day seemed to be 'run, run, run!'  The day started out with the boy going to skateboard camp.  He learned how to "rock the fakey" which I guess means dropping in to a half-pipe, riding his board up to the opposite edge and then hooking his wheels on that edge before dropping in again.  Don't I sound like Tony Hawk with all my skateboard lingo?

 This pic says "Seriously Mom? You're gonna take pictures of me? SO not cool..."

 Oops...slow down honey!  I missed getting you in the picture!

 Okay...I'll settle for this as an action shot.

For school later in the day we worked on the main subjects we've been trying to drive home all school year...phonics, spelling, math, handwriting and reading.  We also did a chapter from Story of the World and the older two worked on their Rosetta Stone Spanish.  In the afternoon the girls played outside with all the neighborhood girls.  Poor Juancho...there are only four boys in our neighborhood.  Two of them are 5 or less years old and the other is 9.  There are no boys close to Juancho's age at all in the neighborhood!  But he got to have fun later in the evening when I took him to his junior high youth group event at the Waterpark of America.  Meanwhile I did some work on the homeschool portfolio and got a few more things crossed off of my To Do list for the week (which I was quickly realizing was way too ambitious of a To Do list!).  I also watched "America's Got Talent" with the hubs and girls...and was both awed and horrified by the various performances!


This was going to be a busy day from the get-go!  Hubs and I have talked about the 'what if' of adding another one to our brood in the next year or two.  Today I got a taste of having four kiddos because I took care of our friend's 3 year old daughter all day.  It was a lot of fun but it was definitely hard work too!  While Juancho was at skateboard camp I took all three girls to a great park in town where they ran, slid down slide, swung and got all pink-cheeked in the warm summer day!  Back at home later I helped the older two get through their 2nd to last day of school!  Then Sassafrass and friend watched the Leapfrog "Letter Factory" video for 'quiet time'.  They were singing "the M says /m/...the M says /m/...every letter makes a sound, the M says /m/!" the rest of the afternoon.  Later there was some painting (our guest was quite the abstract painter) and I was able to get some homemade laundry soap made (post coming up soon!).  After our precious guest for the day was picked up, I got dinner made and realized time was pretty tight to try and get to our community gardens to water the plants before heading to our VBS training meeting that night.  I checked the forecast and saw that there was a 100% chance of thunderstorms starting in just an hour or so.  YAY!  God would water my garden for me!  (Little did I realize that those thunderstorms would produce over 39 tornadoes throughout the evening.  Some did some major damage to communities like Wadena, Albert Lea and Almora.  Three people also lost their lives in the deadly weather...keep their families and those that suffered other losses in your prayers!)  None of the tornadoes were near our community...and after the storms passed the sky looked as if God had painted it with His own paintbrush.  He is quite the artist!


Last day of skateboard camp!  Juancho came away with: 23 new skateboard stickers (that now decorate his helmet and board), 7 new 'road rash' battle scars, and a dozen new skateboard skills (like 'rock the fakey', 'dropping in', turning and 'riding goofy').  He loved skateboard camp and asked me how I'd feel about him becoming a professional skateboarder.  I said I thought it'd be awesome...and that I recommend he get great health insurance if he does follow that career path!  :)  The kids zipped through their schoolwork in no time and were rewarded with being able to watch a couple episodes of "Mythbusters" (counts as science, right?).  I ran errands with Sassafrass while the older two watched their shows.  Got home in time to switch laundry loads and a dishwasher load and then we all left to visit the graduation party of a great young man who recently graduated from high school.  Afterward the kids went with the hubs while I went to meet some girlfriends and go walking.  These four girlfriends and I have decided to get together every couple of weeks during the summer to exercise together, perhaps prepare healthy meals together and generally keep each other on track with our fitness and weight loss goals.  I was able to push my friend's daughter in her stroller...upping my workout factor!  We covered almost exactly 3 miles and got to chat about health, fitness, our weaknesses in those areas and our goals for the summer.  These are all awesome dear friends and I'm looking forward to spending time with them regularly this summer!  Later I came home to help my husband start getting packed for his trip to Egypt and to tuck in the kids to bed.  Now I'm staying up later than I should because I want to finish my 'Weekly Wrap Up' post!

I've decided to add a new feature to my Weekly Wrap-Up posts...and that is a link list to my favorite posts from the week.  It'll probably be a hodge podge of all sorts of stuff...for your reading pleasure!

My Favorite Posts This Week:

MckMama related her gardening methodology to her parenting, and specifically DISCIPLINE methodology HERE.  Really helped bring a renewed perspective to discipline for me.

I found this post on Living Charlotte Mason in California via WUHS's Homeschool Showcase #49. There are some great ideas in this post and it has my wheels turning to start something similar in my neck of the woods!

"Beauty from Ashes" - a poignant post by MckMama...and boy do we know what it is like to experience beauty from ashes around here!

I'm living vicariously through Jenna at Cold Antler on over and you'll see why!

Keelie at 'Real Fat' equated the new body that comes with losing weight to that 'new car smell'.  Thanks for motivating me Keelie!

Kat's comments on the G8/20 summit coming to her hometown resonated with me. "Truth & Reconciliation..."

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Have a GREAT weekend dear friends!


  1. Wow! I hope they caught the guy. That is crazy.

  2. I love that picture of the sky. I had one similar from a tornado that passed around here in Toronto. The beauty of God's hand is truly amazing.

  3. I also love the puffy, marshmallow-like clouds after a storm. I still remember the first time I saw them shortly after moving to Minnesota back in 2003...just stood there in awe, took about a zillion pictures.