Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: All About the Garden

 Kris over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers hosts a weekly MckLinky that I think I'm gonna get in on!  The idea is to recap the weekly events of the household, especially pertaining to homeschooling and/or children's activities. 

Summer is nearly upon us, but I'm hoping the summer will hold all sorts of adventures - educational or not!  So here I go, with my first Weekly Update! 

Monday - Memorial Day!  I got the rest of our Community Garden plot planted.  Well, nearly the rest of it.  The kiddos helped me.  Mainly Juancho & LaLa.  Sassafrass was busy chasing butterflies.  A neighboring plot at the gardens had a ground dwelling Killdeer bird nesting in it.

We explored because the mama's anxious squawks became too distracting.  We discovered her nest filled with four speckled eggs.  She was agitated by our approach...running away and feigning injury so as to distract us from her nest.  The kids learned all about the bird and it's habitat, nesting style, call and defensive mechanisms.  All without cracking a book.  Came home to shower and get the house ready for our friends whom we had invited over for a BBQ and field day.  Soon people arrived, we fired up the grill, played volleyball, bean bag toss, kickball and more.  The children played and so did the dogs.  The weather was fabulous.  It was a wonderful day.

Tuesday - was back to school for us.  We worked on the regular stuff...language arts (writing, phonics, spelling, etc.), math, and social studies.  We are working through Story of the World Vol. 1 and currently learning about Ancient Greece and many of the Greek mythological gods.  We are doing some extra study on Greek Mythology because the kiddos love it so much!  We had some fun thunderstorms in the afternoon that were long needed for our thirsty soil!  Tuesday night I got a Mama's Night Out with my dear friend whom had an extra ticket to go see the theatre performance of "Footloose" at the local Chanhassen Dinner Theater.  So fun!  Thanks Ames!

Wednesday - This was the day that "schooling never just went on and on my friends".  We had work that coulda been done in about two hours.  But both big kids had trouble focusing on.everything!  Add to that the regular squabbles they got into with each other and the regular reprimands from me and the day just kept dragging along.  But we FINALLY got done with school and then went over the community garden for some weeding and watering.  Juancho started weeding the garden that he was hired to weed, and we discovered that Mama Killdeer's babies had all hatched and these cute little tiny birds were chasing their mama all over the gardens.  Wednesday night we finally got to watch The Biggest Loser finale...we'd been waiting all week for it to be available on

Thursday - We had a slow start to the day.  The kids slept in and I enjoyed having my breakfast in peace & quiet on the deck and catch up on some of my favorite blog reading.  It was sooooo nice!  We took our time getting through schoolwork and got caught up on some major laundry!  Then in the late afternoon we went back to the garden to water and help Juancho finish up his weeding job.  It was a big job and we all pitched in to help him finish up.  Gardening is a pretty good workout!  After that we came home to clean up, visited with some dear friends that stopped by to return an inflatable bed they had borrowed, and then the kids and I went out to eat!  Hubs volunteers at a youth center with high risk teens on Thursday nights, so I was flying solo with the kiddos.  Laura had gotten gift cards to a local hamburger joint from our dentist for her birthday so we decided to redeem them.  We got in, ordered and sat back to wait for our food to be prepared.  Shortly thereafter the waitress came back to our table and noticed (as I had) that the rough and tumble crew at the table next to us was freely, frequently and loudly using profanity in their conversation.  Before I could request it, she suggested she move us to a table further away which I greatly appreciated.  But the biggest surprise was yet to come!  After we were seated in the new table, the waitress leaned in and said "By the way, I want to let you know that your bill has been taken care of." !!!  Really?!  I asked her who paid for it and she winked at me and said "Just consider yourself the 100th customer".  I said "I'll take it!  Thank you!".  But I never figured out if it was 'on the house' and taken care of by the restaurant because of the profane guests near my original table (which is hardly the fault of the restaurant anyway) or if some generous soul chose to impart generosity on a busy (and perhaps rather tired looking?) mama of three.  Either way it was an awesome blessing!

Friday - Another lazy approach to the school day.  We got everything done...but at a snail's pace!  I had wanted to do this experiment as part of our 'Friday Funschool' afternoon, but by the time we finished our regular school work we decided to forego our 'Friday Funschool' plans and have an extended free time instead.  Sassafrass is getting big enough to play outside with the neighbor girls without her mama or big bro/sis being right out there with her.  Keeping an eye on her from the kitchen, I saw my little baby (who is now 5) exerting her independence and being a good friend to the girls she was playing with.  I saw her share, compromise, run and laugh.  It made my heart swell with pride to see her playing so good with her peers...but it made me a little sad too.  My baby is growing up!  Fridays are traditionally 'pizza & movie night' so we made some homemade whole wheat pizza crust, rolled it into four mini crusts and each of us got to make our own.  Sassafrass chose cheese, Juancho made Canadian Bacon with pepperoni.  Lala did halfsies on side pepperoni with tomato sauce base and the other side chicken with BBQ sauce base.  We watched Veggie Tales and a short movie about Johnny Appleseed

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  1. Thanks for joining in the Wrap-Up! I enjoyed reading about your week. The killdeer was especially cool. I love when those unexpected -- and really awesome -- learning opportunities pop up.

    And, what a wonderful blessing with your dinner. Very cool!

  2. Sounds like a great week! I look forward to reading more of your blog as your newest follower!

  3. Thanks Kris! I enjoyed doing my first wrap up...there will be more to come!

    Chef Penny, thanks for being my newest follower! I'm on my way to check out your blog now!

  4. Glad you joined in the wrap-up! Sounds like you had a wonderful week!

  5. hey there! I really enjoy these wrap-up posts, mainly for me (a record to look back on) and also because it saves my blog from being just a narration of my week! ;)

    thanks for visiting me, you're welcome any time! I look forward to getting to know you!

    amy in peru