Monday, June 7, 2010

Pet Peeve #471: "On Hold"

You know what is so annoying?  When a telemarketer calls me and when I answer the phone I hear this:
(nice computerized voice) "I have an important call for this number.  Please hold and someone will be with you shortly"

What the...?!

I'm pretty sure YOU (Mr./Ms. Telemarketer Person) called ME.  But now I am on hold just for answering my phone.  Incredulous, I followed the computerized voice's directions and remained on the line.  A few seconds later I hear:

(nice computerized voice) "I apologize for the delay.  Please remain on the line and someone will get to you shortly"

I don't think so.  Sayonara! 

Still no idea what computerized voice had such an important call for my phone, but I don't really care.

(Incidentally, Pet Peeve #472 would be Blogger being on the fritz on a day when I wanted to post something...ironically about pet peeves!)

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