Friday, June 4, 2010

June Goals

Remember this post?  I wrote it in mid-May and included a few goals I have for the summer.  

But then all of a sudden June started without my permission!

So it is June 4th, not the 1st, but close enough, right?

Here are my personal goals for the month of June:

Buy NO junk food whatsoever during the course of the month (our trip to DQ last night triggered my memory of this goal.  Oops.).  So this means no grabbing a quick & easy fast food lunch on my way from one thing to another.  I'll instead have to plan ahead and bring a lunch or snacks.  No giving in to my children begging to get a snack as we stand in the check out lane (and that means no giving in to my inner voice begging to get one for me too!).   And dear hubs...don't ask me to bring home some chocolate for you...I'm not gonna do it!  (not that he'd ask...he's lost 12 pounds in the last couple weeks!  Go hubs!)

Find a homemade bread recipe that works.  I fell away from making my own bread at home because they came out with those sandwich thins that are so good and less caloric than regular bread.  Plus they come in whole & multi-grain options.  But I really like making stuff from scratch.  And then I really know what is all in it.  Problem is, most of the DIY bread I've made so far is tasty but really dense...which makes it hard to use for sandwiches.  Right now there is dough spinning in the breadmaker for our pizza tonight.  If you've got a great breadmaker recipe for soft & fluffy whole wheat flour bread, send it my way!

UPDATED: I also meant to add that I would drink no pop (including diet) during the month of June.  I mean, what purpose does it serve anyway?

Workout Related

Remember my "Fifteen Miles a Week" challenge?  Well, Crystal said in the comments that the challenge would likely be a bit on the easy side for me...and she was right!  In Week 1 I got 16 miles completed in just the first 3 days!  But in Week 2 and Week 3 I fell off the horse.  Or is it the wagon?  So it is an easy challenge.  I just gotta stick to it!  And my kids like biking or jogging with me, so I'm going to get them to be my workout partners.  In June I will complete 15 miles each week via jogging, walking and biking.  (I'm starting a 'Summer Exercise Club' with some local friends too and we are meeting a couple times a month to exercise together, yay!)

at LaLa's b-day party last week

Kiddos Related

This is more of a 'throughout the summer' goal, rather than just for June.
Our school year is officially ending June 18th.  That is a tad later than I originally intended, but you homeschooling mamas understand how the need arises throughout the year to take some extra days off here and there.  The nice thing is, we've scaled back our school day enough that it can usually be completed before lunch, which means the kiddos don't miss playtime outside with friends.

Throughout the summer though, I plan to continue active learning with the kids.  Their learning gaps are still quite large even though they've made phenomenal progress this year!  But I don't want our 'learning' over the summer to feel like school.  So I'm going to take an 'unschooling' approach to it all.  In fact, if I were braver and a bit more organized, and my husband saw the value too, I'd love to 'unschool' all year round.  Instead we are 'eclectic' in our approach to school.  But this summer I'm going to dabble in unschooling.  So for the summer I'm going to keep the rule we've had of no TV/Computer/Wii on weekdays unless special permission is given.  Instead I'm going to ask the kids about what kind of things they are really curious about, and then try to stock the house with things that will help further that curiosity.  I'll have some games, crafts and activities in mind that we can do to pursue those interests.  I'll even have some of those 'summer workbooks' around that kids can pick up and do as they are interested in.  I'll plan fun & educational outings, but we won't do formal school like we do throughout the year.  My main desire will be to have them keep reading, writing and exploring all throughout the summer.

This unschooling mama and this one are my inspiration for our unschooling summer!

Sustainability Related

I would like to improve my understanding of the impact my family's way of living has on the world, and how to reduce that impact...even through simple and small steps.

Throughout the summer I'd like to leave our AC off as much as possible.  To warm up to this (pardon the pun), during June the goal is this: If I can keep our house cool enough with windows and fans that our interior temp is 75 or less, then the AC stays off.  If horribly hot and humid days hit (which is bound to happen from time to time in MN) and the interior temp rises above 75 we'll only put on the AC to 75 and will turn it off again when the heat wave passes.  (I should prolly discuss that with the hubs before putting it out here on the world wide blog, huh?  But he shares my desires to move towards less use of AC means less of a ding to the wallet.  Win-win!)
UPDATED:  I just realized that I am only slightly warm in my currently 81 degree house, so I am amending my previous goal to this:  I We will keep the AC off unless we are unable to keep the temp inside the house consistently at 80 or under with windows and fans.  (side note: I'm not turning on the AC right now even though it is 81 in the house...I chalk that up to the fact that I've just had my oven on for 30 minutes at 425 degrees!  Plus, the sun is going down as I type!)

In June I will get back to making homemade laundry detergent.  I used to do this before I had kids.  It worked great, was uber-cheap, and I knew everything that was in it!  And it really isn't all that hard.  Plus my "Little House on the Prairie" loving daughter will love being my assistant in this endeavor.  I think I'll try a few different 'recipes' to find one that works best for us.

Also, I haven't yet been able to get to the local farmers market, but before June ends, I will get a weekly visit to the market into my schedule.  I'd like to start getting my produce there (local eating PLUS organic fare) and I've heard there is a local vendor that sells their local farm-raised, naturally fed, free-ranging meat at great prices, so I'd like to look into buying our meat there too!  Tomorrow I'm at a baby shower during the farmer's market hours, but NEXT Saturday I'm there!

Also, I'm gonna join FreeCycle.  I would have done this already, but it means needing to sign up for a Yahoo e-mail, which I didn't really want to do.  But it's a small price to pay for finding free stuff that we can reuse...and giving others the opportunity to take our discarded items off our hands...for FREE!

Organization Related & Other Misc.

Organization is my weakness.  Majorly.  I'm not gifted in it.  Just ask my husband!  (sorry hubs...)

But the cool thing is that we can change our areas of weakness!  And I'm convinced I can change this too!  But it'll have to be a step by step process!  So during June I will strive to...

1 - Do a 'Freshen Up Friday' every Friday (well, the 3 that are left anyway).  This includes changing the sheets on all the beds, deep cleaning the bathrooms, and doing one other rotating seasonal chore.

2 - Get my office area organized.  Right now it is organized chaos.  I know where most things are, but anyone else looking at my desk wouldn't be so convinced.  I'll have before & after pictures to prove it!

3 - Not stay in my pajamas all day on any day (unless I'm actually sick).  I think I am more motivated and actively achieve my goals for the day if I'm dressed and ready to go!

And a final goal for June I don't really have a category for.  But implementing this goal will ensure success for so many of the other goals listed here!  And that is for me to get a solid 8 hours of sleep every night.  And since I value having an hour or two to myself before the kiddos wake up, that means I'd like to be getting up around 6:00 am every day.  Which means I should be in bed by 10:00 pm.  For those of you who know me well, you know that hardly EVER happens.  But starting next week I'm going to start working my way into an earlier bedtime each night until I achieve 10:00 pm.  Which, incidentally, means that my kids will probably more consistently be in bed at their scheduled bedtime too!

Expect to see posts throughout the month which feature these goals and my progress on them.  Are you a goal setter too?  What are your goals for June or Summer 2010?

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  1. What a great list of my life it seems that goal-making is a never-ending task of sorting out my priorities (the easier part) and weeding out all the stuff that gets in the way of living them out (the harder part). I find myself lately doing more of the latter.

    Top goal for the summer is to return to my early morning schedule, and a schedule in general:

    1. Up by 6 to rejuvenate through quiet reflection and plan out the day, breakfast at 7, swimming at 8, and mentally stimulating work from 9-2 with a short break for lunch.
    2. Afternoons are for cleaning, errands, shopping, occasional coffee w/ a friend, and a weekly art date with myself to keep the creative juices flowing.
    3. Evenings are for relationships, connecting, sharing, listening, loving ~ in a variety of settings (sitting, exercising, sharing a meal, etc.) but always with the primary goal of relationship building at the core.

    An over-riding goal of mine is to allow for enough margin in my schedule to add activities/people/events as they arise, without being so relaxed about time that nothing gets done.

    Great post ~ thanks for being such a great example in so many areas!