Monday, May 17, 2010

15 Miles A Week!

I have the Beatles tune running through my head...the one with the chorus that sings "Eight days a week..."  You know the one I'm talkin' about?

Except I'm singing "Fifteen miles a week..."

Yep...I'm one that always needs a new goal to strive for.  Until Mother's Day it was training for a 5K.  I ran the 5K with a time I was proud of, but I know with more training and stuff I can do better.  I'm keeping my eyes open for another 5K to do in August, maybe this time with my nearly 11 year old or 13 year old joining me!  So I'll continue to put in 3 miles several days a week.  But I get burnt out if I run every day.  Plus mentally I know I need to change it up.  But it is next to impossible for me to do an indoor workout if it is beautiful outside. 

Saving Grace...I just got my bicycle fixed!  Last year my niece and a family friend visiting from Ukraine were out riding of them on my bike and the other on my husband's bike.  But something happened and the one on my husband's bike ended up running into my bike...hard.  Twisted the tire, and we feared the frame too.  That was at the end of last summer and we didn't end up taking the bike in to get fixed at the end of the season.  So we took her (my bike) in to get repaired last week.  Thankfully it was ONLY the tire frame, tire and tube that needed to be replaced...the bike frame was fine!  So the bike guys had her repaired in no time!

Hello Beautiful!

Little miss Sassafrass (my 5 year old) got a new bike last Friday too...a cute little pink one with training wheels and she just LOVES tooling around on it!  Saturday we went on a Mommy/Daughter bike ride (about 4 blocks) and then Sunday afternoon the whole family did a bike ride for about a mile and a half!  Sassafrass kept up pretty well...and I was so impressed she rode for a mile and a half without complaining or getting tired!  But those bike rides were hardly strenuous...I was traveling at a snail's pace...just barely fast enough to keep my bike upright!
So this morning I decided to get the girl out for some one on one time...just me and the bike.  We rode a little over four miles...on mostly flat ground, but with one medium gradual hill at the end that made me push it a bit.  It felt great and it was on my ride back to the casa that I thought up the 15 miles a week challenge.  Basically it is this.  I will travel 15 miles each week by a non-motorized method.  Between walking, running and biking I plan to cover 15 miles weekly.  That isn't some huge outrageous goal...but one that is totally doable.  And I need to stick to doable in order to be successful!

On another note, last night the hubs and I watched "Supersize Me".  Yes, I know this film has been out for a long time, but I've resisted watching it.  I mean, how hypocritical would I feel if I watched it and then still continued to do something that I saw the consequences of firsthand through the film?  But our view towards food is shifting.  I used to discount the idea that what we ate made a difference for how our brains functioned, or how our bodies worked.  I didn't think there was really a connection.  But I believe so differently now.  And that does impact the choices I make...for me and my family.

I remember there was a girl in my junior high class whose mom would go to all the PTO meetings and raise a stink about all the vending machines in the school and what was being served for school lunches.  But after watching shows like Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Killer at Large and Supersize Me, I can totally see where she is coming from.  In fact, if my kids weren't homeschooled, I could see myself becoming an activist mama like that.  

One more thing...I've been so lax on doing PE with my kids.  I tell myself they get enough because they are in sports at various times throughout the year, they play outside and they do PE with our homeschool coop every other week.  But really, adults...should have a minimum of 30 minutes of intentional exercise every day.  My kids get it more often than I do, but I still think we could do more.  So I'm going to plan in some fun outside active games, bike rides, hikes, etc for us to do together.


PS - What do you thing of the blog overhaul so far?  
PSS - I don't QUITE look like that cartoon graphic...YET!  But once I get to losing 80 more pounds to get to my goal, I will!


  1. you're new blog layout was the FIRST thing i noticed!! it's really cute, i LOVE the color scheme... good luck on your new challenge... i think you're going to find, tho, that 15 miles a week comes too easy :)

  2. Love the new look, Holly! And, I always love a good challenge've encouraged me to think one up for the month of June. Have some limitations right now so just gonna work with what I got!