Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We Love Workouts! (Vacation Edition)

So if you all have been reading any of the last...oh, TWO posts that I've written in the last couple of weeks, you know that I went on vacation AND I totally fell OFF of the working out regularly wagon while I was on vacation.

I had the best of intentions when I went on vacation.  I brought my running shoes.  I brought my 30-Day Shred DVD and my hand weights!  My workout clothes were packed into our suitcase too!  In my minds eye I was going to workout 3-5 times on vacation and continue to lose weight.  And I did...for the first two days.  I ran on the treadmill at my parents house.  Then we moved on to visit my sister in Colorado.  She had no treadmill.  And the air was thinner there (which equals making running harder for my midwestern lungs...not that I actually tried.).  Plus we were doing activities all day and evening with the kids...we were sooooo busy.  At least, that is what I told myself as my excuses.  And I excused away about 10 days of no working out.  And the scale handsomely rewarded me.  With 6 extra pounds on my body.  ARGH!  I deserved it though.  I know I did.

Now...thankfully we were in Colorado for vacation.  Which means at least some level of activity goes hand-in-hand with visiting the state...I mean, it IS an outdoor haven!  And we did go hiking two of our days out there.  Once in Rocky Mountain National Park and another time around Pikes Peak and in the Garden of the Gods.  So beautiful.

So...the extent of my vacation workouts were two days of very leisurely hiking (we were hiking with a 5 year old after all...).

That's me in the white jacket...ambling along

Mi Familia at nearly 12,000 feet

Me & my son somewhere around Pikes Peak

 My daughter shows off the kind of playing we did at the Garden of the Gods

Do you have a system that has worked for keeping up your workouts while on vacation?  Write a post about it and link it up here.  We like pics too - perhaps you just want to post a pic of what kind of exercise you did on vacation.  Or really, I'm not up any post that celebrates your workouts!  

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  1. Posted a link to my own weight watching page that I put up every Wednesday! Don't have much advice about working out on vacation...sorry. Good for you for trying!