Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: Barney Butter

Earlier this week I told you that I was going to be posting a review this Friday about a DVD workout from Michele Olson PhD.

BUT then I got the idea that you guys may be interested in having this DVD too...and wouldn't it be fun to have a giveaway included with that review?  SO I sent a message to the powers that be...and I'm going to do the review next Friday...hopefully with a giveaway included!!

BUT for breakfast today I tried some Barney Butter.  It was a sample provided to me from the PriorFatGirl meet-up I went to earlier this year.  It is the LAST sample I had from that event.  SO I decided to write a review of Barney Butter instead!

I love me some peanut butter, but for some reason I was a little afraid to try the Barney Butter.  Because I've tried many 'all natural' peanut butters, but I've only found one that I really like.  I've had many bad experiences with healthier PB...and I was afraid Barney Butter may be another bad experience.


First, let me tell you about what Barney Butter is.  It is a peanut-free almond butter that looks and tastes like peanut butter.  It also differs from other almond butters you may have tried because it is not super oily.  It actually is a no-stir almond butter, so you don't have that huge separation of the butter and the oil.  That makes it much more spreadable and easier to work with.  It doesn't even need to be refrigerated!  It comes in Smooth or Crunchy formulas.  It is produced in California...but has successfully spread to markets in 41 States already (and internationally to Japan!)...and people anywhere can purchase it online.  Which is great news for us Minnesotans...Barney Butter hasn't made it into stores in our area yet...but I imagine it's just a matter of time.  Want to know if you can find Barney Butter at a retail store in your area?  Click HERE.

So what did I like about Barney Butter?
  • It looked like peanut butter
  • It tasted like peanut butter
  • It was easily spreadable onto my english muffin (YUM!)
  • It was not super oily
  • That I can pronounce and recognize all of the FOUR ingredients in this product:  Almonds, Evaporated Cane Juice, Palm Fruit Oil and Sea Salt.  
  • That Barney Butter is slightly lower in calories and fat than regular peanut butter.  And WAY lower in sugar than regular peanut butter!
  • Even though we have no peanut allergies in our family, I know how difficult such allergies can be for families and kids.  Barney Butter is a great alternative for families with a strictly peanut allergy...the butters are made in a peanut-free environment!
Was there anything I didn't like about Barney Butter?

Well, really only one thing.  The sample I received was a small single-serving packet of the Barney Butter.  Boxes of the single serving packets can be purchased...and are suggested for keeping a stash of them in your desk drawer at work or something similar...which is a good idea.  But I'm prone to making messes and I had a heck of a time getting the Barney Butter out of the packet.  First I cut off the end of the packet and tried to squeeze it out, but only a bit of oil came out that way.  So then I tried to dig it out with a knife, but I was making a mess that way.  So instead I cut the packet open length-wise and was finally able to easily scoop out the butter with a knife and spread it on my English Muffin.  By then, however, a good half of the butter had ended up on my fingers instead (which I happily licked off of course!).  

So I'd recommend buying the Barney Butter in the jars rather than the packets.  Or if you do get the packets, cut them open length-wise from the get-go!  :)

Order Barney Butter HERE.  It is currently on sale...running $23 for a 3-pack of the 16 oz. jars or $18 for a 3-pack of 10 oz. jars.  You can also get a box of 24 single-serving packets for just under $10.  And since they are sold through, these products are eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping. 

(FTC Disclaimer: I was provided this Barney Butter sample free of charge through a blogger meet-up event.  There was, however, no expectation or requirement to do a review on this product.  This review was written on my own decision and represent my true and sole opinions.)


  1. Oh man. I had the same experience with my Barney Butter! Delicious, but that little packet was the death of me. But now, you just leave me wanting a jar. :)

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