Monday, April 5, 2010

Mamavation Monday - April 5th Edition

Today is the day that the Five Mamavation Mom Finalists were chosen.  I am not one of them...which is okay!  I've gotten to know these women via Twitter & their blogs over the last couple weeks.  I also got to 'virtually' meet them all at last week's Mamavation TV show.  Since then I've been saying that I wish we ALL could win...because they are all awesome women!

We can't all win.  But one of these five will...






Watch their videos and then VOTE via Twitter for the next Mamavation Moms!  Go HERE and use th voting widget in the right sidebar to vote for one or ALL of these awesome ladies! You can vote EVERY DAY!

And I haven't completely lost out on an opportunity to be challenged and to potentially win some awesome prizes!  Earth Footwear has teamed with Mamavation for the "Move It & Lose It" Challenge.  This challenge is specifically for the Mamavation #4 Campaign applicants that did NOT make it to be one of the next two Mamavation Moms.  That would be me!  I'm excited about this "Move It & Lose It" will give me some accountability, great motivation, drive and determination.  The goal is to lose the highest percentage of body weight during the course of the 7 week Mamavation #4 Campaign (which runs from April 13th to May 28th).  Did I mention the prizes?  For the winner, not only do they "win" the joy of having lost a good percent of body weight, they also win $500 and a pair of Earth Footwear shoes!  Second place even gets in on the prize action by winning a pair of Earth Footwear shoes as well!  Sounds good to me...count me IN!  :)

One of the other sponsors of Mamavation is EASportsActive.  If you own a Wii, you are probably familiar with EASportsActive.  They offer a Wii-based exercise program that includes everything someone who is serious about getting in shape would need!  AND they are sponsoring a giveaway on Mamavation TV tonight!

MY Update:

Remember how I GAINED weight last week?  Even though I had ate well and exercised EVERY DAY?  Yep, I was frustrated, but I chose not to let it get to me and drive me off course.  So many diets or weight loss attempts have been abandoned in the past because I had a week like that...where I gained instead of lost despite trying hard for the loss.  Not this time though.  I'm sticking with getting sidetracked this time!

While on vacation (we visited my family in Iowa over the Easter holiday and are currently en-route to Colorado to visit my sister for a week), I still wanted to get my C25K runs in.  Though a rainy weekend was forecast in Iowa, I was happy my parents have a quality treadmill.  I was curious to see how different it would be doing my run on a treadmill...since up til now all my runs have been outdoors.  I thought it would be easier, and generally it was.  But I learned that in my 30 minute run/walk intervals outside, I'm likely only traveling about 1.8 to 2.0 miles.   Not the 3.1 that constitutes a 5K.  I stayed on the treadmill, completing the intervals until I got to 3.1 miles.  That is what made it harder.  Took me about 44 minutes to complete the 5K with my walk/run intervals on the treadmill.  I was pouring sweat!  I'm not disappointed with that, but it inspires me to do some speed work training to get my running speed up more...I'm a very slow runner!  That will then reduce my time to get the 5K completed.  But to be honest, my biggest desire is just to be able to run the 5K all the way matter how long it takes me!

The thing I'm nervous about is that my sister in Colorado (the one we are en-route to visit) has said she'll go running with me while we are visiting.  So we are going to, but here's the thing.  Michelle is in better shape than I (she is my Mamavation "Fit Friend") so she can run longer and faster...AND she lives in Colorado...right at the base of the mountains.  Denver isn't called the "Mile High City" for nothin!  They are many more feet above sea level than my very Midwestern lungs are used too.  BUT ain't gonna let the fears of being the slow gasping one (yeah I'm not already the slow gasping one when I run anyway!!!)  keep me from getting my exercise in.  I also brought along Jillian in my suitcase (in the form of '30-Day Shred') for my non-running days.

When I initially wrote this post, I was somewhere on Interstate 80 in the middle of Nebraska as we travelled from Iowa to Colorado (to visit my sister...see above) so I didn't have a weigh-in for you...yet.  But we arrived safe & sound in the wee hours of the morning and went to sleep immediately.  After about 4 hours of sleep we woke up to get the children some breakfast.  I'm back in bed now, to rest a bit more (we did the overnight drive, so I'm quite groggy!).  But before I got back in bed I weighed myself.  I wasn't expecting much of a loss if any. After all, it WAS Easter week after all and a a jellybean or two (hundred) may have found their way into my mouth...

But according to my sister's scale (which is not my regular scale, so I take this with a grain of salt...but am hopeful it is accurate), I LOST the 3.2 pounds I had gained as of last Monday.  I'm now back down to 269I'll take it!  That is 22 pounds lost since January 4, 2010.  And it makes me think even more so that the gain was more water weight than anything.  Glad it is gone again...I think part of that is due to my renewed focus on drinking a lot of water daily...helps flush out the water retention.  (Thanks @mentallyinked...aka Water Czar...for your water-drinkin' encouragement!)


  1. Oh you are so close to me!! I am in Aurora :)That is a long drive, get some rest! glad you lost again, good job not giving up! And I don't even like running here and I am used to the altitude, so good luck LOL

  2. I'm sorry you didn't make the five finalists. Yay on the weight loss, though!!! I won't post my weigh-in until tomorrow, but...sigh...I had a gain this week despite doing three days of spin class in a row! I feel your pain on gaining despite working to lose.

    Like you, though, I'm not giving up! I just figure it's inevitable that I'll have some off weeks. That doesn't change the fact that my body is changing, my clothes are fitting more loosely, and people are noticing. And, it doesn't change the fact that I'm making healthy, life-long changes for my body.

    That said, I'm hoping *I* can report a big loss next week. ;-)

  3. I am sooooo proud of your total weight loss; you are doing so amazing well!!!!! Hope to follow in your footsteps. :)