Monday, April 26, 2010

Mamavation Monday - April 26th Edition

YAY!  Weight is finally starting to drop after the infamous "Vacation Gain".  So I'll start the post right away wit my weigh-in pic!

Do you see that?  273.2!  The scale is a-movin!  That is a loss of 3.3 pounds since last week!!  Yes, I WILL take it!  :)  I've very happy about the loss and it actually fuels my fire to stay on the straight and narrow and get myself back under the 270's mark.  This morning I've already had a healthy breakfast complete with healthy complex carbs & protein.  All to the tune of about 300 calories, with no processed 'white stuff' to be found!  :)

I've been moving my family away from processed food for a while now and it is going well.  Doesn't mean we don't still have some processed stuff here and there, but it is MUCH less than it used to be.  But the other day as I was taking a shower, just after making my menu plan for the week (which I'll post tomorrow) and I was thinking about how we (who are carnivores anyway) have become ingrained to the idea that every dinner meal and most lunch meals need to include meat.  When in reality, 150 years ago or so when most people didn't run to the local grocery store to pick up food for dinner, our society then was much more plant based.  Fruit, veggies and complex whole grains.  Meat was not common...maybe showing up in meals 2-3 times a week.  (I'm totally making up that number based on what I think would be true of the time...I need to do my research!)  I'll post more about this with my menu plan post, but I think that is the type of diet we need to pursue...MUCH more plant based with meat and dairy included more sparingly.  Come back tomorrow to catch more of my thoughts on that. 
I learned something new today!  The Mamavation sponsor this week is Chiquita!  And for me, like most of you, Chiquita is synonymous with 'banana' in my mind.  My kids LOVE bananas.  So does my husband.  Me...not so much.  I know, I know...bananas are one of those things that people either love or hate.  The ones that love them think the ones that don't are kinda crazy.  But I'm not, I assure you.  I do like SOME banana flavored banana bread...YUMS!  I secretly hope that a couple bananas in our bunch don't get eaten each week so I have an excuse to make banana bread!  

What I learned that is that Chiquita isn't just about bananas anymore!  Not that they ever were...I learned that Chiquita is behind many fresh produce products like pineapples, grapes, greenhouse vegetables & fresh salads.  But this is new:  they have a whole new line called "Fruit & Veggie Bites" which sound DELICIOUS!  They also have smoothie products.  I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for those during my next grocery run...especially with my new plant-based diet focus (as mentioned above).  

Workout Update:  I've been working out to the Shred, Michele Olson's Legs, Glutes & Abs DVD (watch for a review AND giveaway THIS Friday!) and of course, my C25K.  My 5K race is just a couple weeks away!  That's freaking me out a bit.  It feels like I won't quite meet my goal of being able to run the whole thing...but I don't want to shortchange myself either...we'll see what happens come race day (which is Mother's Day, by the way...good way to celebrate myself!). 

I'm excited to check in on all the rest of you Mamavation gals...and congratulating everyone for Movin' It & Losin' It!!!


  1. Great job, Holly! And cute toes. I love reading your posts and am always cheering you along in my head.

  2. oh so many sistas are doing the shred...I was so gonna get it before I found out I was might have to be a post pregnancy workout! Keep up the great work. Congrats on a great loss!

  3. Great job on the loss. I know it must really suck with the timing of the move it or lose it considering you initially weighed-in, went on vacation, and started the challenge at a disadvantage. You are doing great though... if you need any plant-based complete protein ideas look at for more ideas.

  4. Congrats on the loss! Keep it up and good luck with your c25k training!

  5. You are coming around a lot quicker than I did with understanding about processed foods. Great job on the weight loss...I knew this week was going to be a good one for you! XXOO