Monday, April 12, 2010

Mamavation Monday - April 12th..."Move It & Lose It" Kick-Off!!

Okay, I've been sitting here wasting time online as I drag my feet getting this post put together.  Why am I so reluctant to blog...something I usually love doing?

Because I have nothing good to report.  I'm not proud of my vacation behavior and I'm paying the price now.  Argh.

Here's something GREAT about today is my kick-off to the "Move It & Lose It" friendly competition amongst the Mamavation applicants that were not chosen this time to be a Mamavation mom.  The competition runs from tomorrow, April 13th through May 28th...7 weeks long.  The winner will be the one to lose the greatest percentage of body weight in that time frame.
AND the winner will receive a great prize!  $500 in cash and a pair of shoes from Earth FootwearEven the 2nd place winner will win a pair of shoes from Earth Footwear!

What great motivation for a gal that seriously needs some arse-kickin'!

Confessional:  This last week I worked out ZERO times.  We did do some 'active' activities with the kids such as hiking in the mountains and going to the waterpark (where I had to climb the 2 stories to the top of the waterslide with my 5 year old no less than 72 times!).  But intentional workouts?  Nope...zilch.  On top of that we ate out 2 out of 3 meals a day.  Which wouldn't have to be horrible if I was diligent about the selections I was making.  But I wasn't.  Once I made the first few little compromises ("It's not a big deal if I eat a few of my daughter's jellybeans...", "I'm going to get a cheeseburger, just no fries...", "well, maybe I'll eat some of 5 year olds fries...") then it was second nature to make the big compromises ("Ah screw it...I'm gonna get what I want to's vacation!"  "Calories on vacation don't count, right?").  Pretty soon my caloric intake was through the roof (not that I was tracking) and the all too familiar feeling of headaches, achy body, swollen feet and feeling like I'm moving through molasses began to settle in.  Digestional upset.  You know the body saying "What the heck are you doing?"  My husband said that a few times too.  I ignored him.  It was like I moved into 'last hurrah' mode, knowing I would be starting this "Move It & Lose It" Challenge this week.  Knowing I was on vacation.  But I really wish I hadn't eaten what I ate.  I really wish I had made time to work out.  Really wish I hadn't sabatoged myself!  See...I found out later in the week that the weigh-in that we included with our Mamavation application would be the weigh in used to kick off the "Move It & Lose It" Challenge.  STINK!  Back then I weighed EIGHT POUNDS less than I do know.  I'm starting with an 8 pound GAIN!  Not so good.  The voice of apathy is whispering in my ear "no way you can compete with others now...starting out 8 pounds OVER the original starting weight...give it up."  BUT I'm kickin' that "apathetic voice" to the curb! 

The Starting Information:

My weight today:  276.8 (though on my Mamavation application it was 268)

Every week you'll get to see these not-so-purty feet on the scale...though every week that number on the scale should be less and less!  PS - that purple-y mark on my left ankle is a permanent bruise from a white-water rafting accident from 6 years ago!!!  Not so pretty...but not painful.  Notice the swollen feet/ankles indicator of poor eating last week.  Argh'n Farg'n!

Measurement as of 04/12/10:

BUST:  40"
WAIST:  42"
HIPS:  53.5"
THIGHS:  28" (left), 28.5" (right)
ARMS:  16" (left), 16.5" (right)

Pictures taken 04/12/10




I wore a fitted top that I don't actually wear for working out yet.  I used to many years ago before I gained so much weight.  But I figured the top would help me be able to see the changes that will transpire over these next 7 weeks.  So I'll take my 5 week and 7 week pictures wearing this same outfit and in the same poses so we can see the body changes. 

My Plan:

Eating between 1300-2000 calories a day...changing it up to keep my body from getting complacent.

Working out for 45-60 minutes every day in intentional workouts (cleaning the house or taking the dog on his regular walk around the block don't count!)

Drinking 100 oz or more of water every day!

Chronicling my food choices on Twitter & my blog...taking pics of my eats from time to time!

Chronicling my workouts on Twitter & my blog too

Drawing strength & support from others and from the following quotes:

"Stop renting weight loss" -Pat Barone

"If hunger isn't the problem, eating isn't the solution." -unknown

The above two quotes came from the "Keep It Simple Sweetheart" post at Losing My Behind.

And because my faith is very important to me, these words of wisdom from the Big Guy himself always hit me hard with a reality check:

"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own, you were bought with a price. Therefore, honor God with your body."     1 Corinthians 6:19-20



  1. Good luck with the move it or lose it challenge. Aw succotash for the 8 pound deficit, but you seem like you are ready to commit to the challenge. You'll do great. See you at the party tonight.

  2. Alright, I know it was probably really hard to post your weigh in today, but I personally am so glad you did...I didn't weigh in ~ had a medical test this AM early that required no eating beforehand and when I got back home I was famished. Ok, not famished, but hungry, really hungry. Plus, I am chicken...I was a slacker last week. I will get on in the morning and report in.


    But, back on track today. We are building good habits, day by day, even with vacations and slacker weeks. :)

  3. You go girl! I'm watching and cheering you on! XXOO

  4. Good Luck! I'm looking forward to watching your progress. (I still haven't had the courage to post my weight - I'm SO impressed)

  5. At least you can see and admit what you did wrong. That is actually a huge step! I am here and will cheer you on! We can kick booty at the challenge

  6. I admire you for being 100% honest and upfront with stats, pics and confessions! You will go far as you are there. Now win this next round as you can do it!

    For snacks for the kids, I'm trying the let's pick out the fruit and veggies and having ranch dip and finding recipes like pizza, tacos and other things like that. I think if they can help pick them out, prepare them and make the food, they might eat them. I got the six year old to eat a cucumber today so there is a little progress!

    Like Bookieboo said, "I'm cheering you on!" YEAH!!!

  7. Good luck with the Move It or Lose It Competition. I'm rooting for you and I know you can do this!

  8. Did my last comment go thru..........I was kicked out...anyway....I will write it again and you may have 2 comments. I think we will make great partners. Let's cheer each other on. We all have setbacks and it is so much easier to do what we always do, isn't it. I am here for you any time. And when we do meet, we will be a whole lot lighter! :)