Friday, April 30, 2010

"Legs, Glutes & Abs" Review & Giveaway!! *CLOSED*


I was provided an opportunity to review a brand new (released March 2010) DVD workout from Michele Olson PhD (aka - THE Exercise Doctor) entitled "Fitness Prescription: Perfect Legs, Glutes & Abs" via Bookieboo and Mamavation.  You can buy your own copy of the DVD HERE or HERE

After using this DVD, my legs, glutes and abs aren't sure whether to celebrate or revolt!  

When I first received the DVD to review I was a bit unsure.  See, I've come to LOVE the concept of pairing strength training with cardio...and doing multi-purpose exercises...combining a cardio move (ie-side-to-side lunges) with a strength training move (arm curls) at the same time to get the dual benefits of strength training and cardio all at the same time.  But I've found that some DVD workouts that target specific areas involve just that...repeated exercises for just those areas.  So receiving the "Legs, Glutes & Abs" DVD I wondered what kind of workout it would be.

I was pleasantly surprised...AND challenged!

This DVD workout is no easy peasy workout!  It will kick your butt (quite literally!), pick it up off the floor and kick it again!  But your legs, glutes and abs will thank you for it (in a few weeks after the soreness wears off) because you will see trimmer and stronger results! 

Some things to know:

Michele Olson is an expert in exercise science, with her PhD in Exercise Physiology.  She spends her days teaching at the collegiate level at Auburn University.  She has worked with pro athletes such as tennis pro Anna Kournikova.  She is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  She is a former Reebok Master Trainer and has many publications on various exercise topics.  She is referred to by Self magazine as "Dr. Abs".

So clearly this gal knows what she's talking about! 

The DVD program is separated into 5 different parts which you can mix and match as desired to achieve your goal workout.  The parts include:  Warm Up, Mega Moves Legs & Glutes, Mega Moves Abs, Master Moves Legs & Glutes, Master Moves Abs and a Cool-Down.

The Mega Moves sections focus on the larger muscle groups and creating strength while the Master Moves sections focus on stabilizing and defining muscle.  When Mega Moves Legs & Glutes is combined with Mega Moves Abs, the workout is about 25 minutes in length.  Same goes for the combination of the Master Moves sections.

The only supplies needed for the workout are a couple sets of weights (I use 5 lb and 10 lb), an exercise mat, and a stable chair (I use one from our dining room table).  

Here is a glimpse of what the workout includes (I LOVE the simulated kettlebell exercise!)

My Experience:

I have been using Michele Olson's "Legs, Glutes & Abs" DVD workout for just over two weeks now.  Two days after I started I was SO SORE!  Even though I've been working out pretty regularly for about four months, and training for a 5K, the exercises included in this system clearly worked my muscles in a way that was new and definitely challenging!

Now I'm gonna be honest...being a gal that still has 100 pounds to lose...and is still working on getting to optimal fitness...some of the moves were pretty challenging or moved quicker than I was able to keep up.  In the past I used to get flustered by things like that.  But I found some modifications that were recommended by Dr. Olson (who recognizes that some of the moves are very challenging) for some of the tougher exercises were really helpful.  And I've learned over the past several months that it doesn't matter so much if I keep up perfectly, as long as I'm moving.  So if I only got 15 repetitions to your 20, no biggie...I'm still working hard!

All that to say, if you are like me with a lot of weight to lose and a lot of fitness ground to gain, do NOT be scared off by this DVD workout.  It IS doable and you will see (and feel) results!  Plus as time goes along, the exercises that were more challenging in the beginning become more doable as time goes along.  I felt the Mega Moves section was more challenging than the Master Moves section, though both certainly gave me a run for my money!  But the exercises are explained and demonstrated well and are not complex or difficult to figure out.  Michele's style is upbeat and encouraging without being too 'over the top'.  The music has a good tempo and keeps the exercises moving right along (thus giving it more of a cardio feel...) it'll definitely get your heart pumping!

My only real 'wish list item' for this DVD would be the option to do an entire Mega Moves or Master Moves workout (including Warm-Up & Cool Down) without needing to go back to the menu after each section.  I prefer to keep the momentum going and not going back to the menu to select the next section to complete.  Plus my kids always think when they see the menu come up on the screen that my workout must be over (yes, I have an audience most days when I'm working out!).

I like to do my cardio workout some days and then follow it with just one section from the "Legs, Glutes & Abs" DVD (such as a run paired with the Master Moves Legs & Glutes section.  I will definitely continue to use this DVD regularly!

Final Word:  Definitely recommended!

THE Exercise Doctor has agreed to give a FREE DVD of "Fitness Prescription: Perfect Legs, Glutes & Abs" to one lucky winner!  You have several ways to enter the giveaway, but please remember to leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH entry!!  Make sure that you leave me a way to contact you!

Here's how to enter:

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This giveaway will end a 11:59 PM (CST) on Thursday, May 6th.  Winner will be announced on this blog on Friday, May 7th. 

(FTC Guidelines:  This DVD was provided for me free of charge with the intention that I review the product and write a true and honest review of it.  All opinions represented are my own.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review.  The giveaway DVD is offered directly from Michele Olson PhD.  Making Over Me & Bloggy Mama is not responsible for whether or not the prize is provided to the winner.)


  1. Entry 1: Calorie readouts on exercise machines are generally 20-30% higher than what is actually expended

  2. Interesting fact ~ running burns more fat than swimming. I always thought swimming was the best exercise to lose weight. I learned something new :)

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    Robin/The Orlando Turtle Runner

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  12. Did you know that the best way to burn fat is to do weight-bearing activities like running or stair climbing?

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  14. I was shocked that the carolie readouts are actually 20-30% higher. I also learned that just doing situps wont make my abs pretty I have to do cardio too. Darn.

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