Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AND....I'm Back!

Sorry for the unannounced 'Blog Sabbatical' ya'll!  But now I'm back!  After vacation I was only home a few days before going out of town again for a three-day homeschool conference.  And then I needed a couple days once I got back from that to recoup and catch up.  Whew!  I think I'm caught up enough to jump back into blogging, tweeting and connecting with you all.  I MISSED YA WHEN I WAS AWAY!

SOoo...this post will be my catch-up on my Mamavation Monday post (sorry I'm a day late friends!), as well as tell you about (or hint at) a few exciting things to come!  So here goes!


I did my weigh-in yesterday, but couldn't find my camera.  So I brought my laptop with the built in camera into my bathroom with me to document my weigh-in.  Except it took horrible pictures.  And the few it did take were upside down with the numbers showing up backwards.  But to keep it all legit and fair, here is the best pic of them all...

  If you can't read the numbers on the scale, I can understand!  But let me assure you, they are not much different than the week before.  My weigh-in as of yesterday was 276.5 -- a mere loss of .3 of a pound.  

I've discovered that being out a routine has been very detrimental to my workout/nutrition/overall fitness and weight loss routine.  See the pattern?  I went out of town...did okay with everything out of town for a couple of days, then totally lost control of my routine...and lived out the rest of vacation without pursuing exercise or paying attention to eating correctly.  

Then I came home...and I vowed to get back on track.  And I did!  I got back into working out.  I resurrected my daily drinking water plan.  I ate healthy, normal portion sizes and much more natural of food.  I exercised.  But I was only home for 4 days before leaving town again.  This time I was going to a conference...just me...and would be staying in a hotel.  

While at the conference my only workout was walking around nearly all day long...I probably covered a couple of miles on each of the three days with all of the walking I did.  And some of that time I was carrying heavy bags of books that I had purchased.  My first night in town I sought out a grocery store and bought apples, dried fruit, nuts and cheese sticks to keep in my bag for healthy snacks while I was at the conference.  This was a great choice because the only other option I would have had at the civic center would have been concession-stand fare (you know, nachos, hot dogs, etc.)  I also carried a water bottle around that I filled up regularly.  Mentally Inked, you would have been proud...I didn't slack on my H20 intake!  But for my meals (all needing to be eaten out) I struggled with eating healthy.  I chose healthier options for the most part (think Panera and Subway) but I could have made better choices when I boil things down.  I think all that contributes to a very minimal loss this week.  

I'm back home and not planning on going out of town again for quite some time...so I'm looking forward to some solid successes in the weeks to come!  But to avoid the 'out of town' trap in the future...I'd love to get some comments from those of you that have been successful at keeping up your exercise and eating healthy routine when you go out of town!  What advice can you give me?!?

In other news...

You the Ultimate Blog Party '10?  Did you participate?  Did you read my UBP '10 post and enter the giveaway?  Guess what?  The giveaway prize AND the winner will be announced tomorrow!  

Speaking of UBP '10....I WON A PRIZE!  It's an awesome prize...a total custom blog makeover and matching Twitter background from designer Dawn Farias!!!  It's a prize worth $150!  I've never won a prize THIS COOL before...I'm totally stoked!  So Dawn and I will be discussing things and coming up with a 'rock your socks' blog makeover...stay tuned for more on that one!

And regarding tomorrow...not only will you learn about who the UBP'10 giveaway winner is, but you can also MckLinky up to We Love Workouts!  Tomorrow's theme will focus on Workouts While On Vacation.  So if you have a picture or a post (or both!) that you can link up to this meme, make sure to come back and do it tomorrow!  I need some good ideas around vacation workouts!

I've been privileged to participate in Pete Cohen's 28-Day Program which has been inspiring, encouraging and motivating so far...I look forward to see where it brings me at the end of the month! 

This Friday will be a workout video review here on Making Over Me...so make sure to check in on that too...you may just find yourself a new workout video to try!

Hmm...lemme see...what else?  

OH!  It is T-Minus 3 weeks until my first 5K.  With the last two weeks of slim to no C25K workouts, I'm hoping I'll be able to run the whole thing.  I'm still striving towards that goal!  I've got five solid partners doing the 5K with me...hooray!

Goals for this week:
1 - Drinking LOTS 'o' H20 (100 oz per day at least!)
2 - Work out EVERY DAY!
3 - Eat 4-6 fruits and 2-3 veggies a day (I'm working my way up there)
4 - Avoid processed foods
5 - Get back to "Tweeting my Eats" (hashtag #tweeteats)

All for now folks!  I'll leave you with my 30-Day Shred (which I do here and there, between outdoor workouts, etc) Day 4 picture:

yep, I'm wearing a Golden Grahams t-shirt...

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  1. Glad your back! I completely understand the sabbatical. I did the same thing.