Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We Love Workouts!


Alright fellow exercisers!  We LOVE our workouts, right?  Let's show off what we are doing!  Show off your results, show off your work in action, or the post-workout sweaty face!  Post a pic of you or something relating to your workout on your blog, and link your post to the MckLinky below!  

Last night I did the 30-Day Jump Start DVD workout.  When I started this DVD, it consisted of a week of 10 minute workouts each day.  I felt like I wasn't doing anything.  I barely broke a sweat, didn't feel like I was doing much of anything.  But I figured, hey, I paid for the thing, I'm gonna do it!  So I kept with it and yesterday was the last day of Week 3...and week 3 consisted of a 30 minute workout combining cardio and strength training.  Yep, what started as 10 minutes a day had my heart pumpin', my face flushed and the sweat flowin!  Here's some pics to prove it...

Mom....they're beating up on me!!!

But really, I DO Love Workouts!


Can you see the results starting to come through?  No muscle was visible on these calves 2 months ago...and now it is starting to appear!

Your Turn!  Add your post to the MckLinky below...and let's spur each other on in our endeavors to get healthy and be fit!  PS - no hard and fast rules other than 1 - keep it family friendly, 2 - make it be about your workout and 3 - include a pic of some sort!

Next Week's Theme:  Cardio


  1. Oooo oooooo... this looks so fun!! Wish I had taken some pics from way before flexing and then now... :)

    Which work out are doing? Jillians'?

  2. Oh oh and sexy calf muscle there, chicka!

    Ou ou ou!!! :)

  3. Yeah for calf muscles!

  4. I was too lazy last night to get a pic of my workout. And even more lazy to work out at 5 a.m., so I will take a pic tonight when I do Banish the Fat/Boost the Metabolism.

  5. Very fun idea! I did take a photo today at the gym (people thot I was really strange!) right after my workout...not the most flattering of shots I'd say, but I am sure proud of the sweat on my face, neck and, well, all over!

  6. I put my link in. Sorry that it was for the post for my Friday one. But I hadn't worked out so intensely in several days. It wasn't the most flattering pic because my stomach looks like my butt. Too much? Yeah, I agree!