Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Love Workouts! (Yoga Edition)

Are you loving your workouts?  Do you have a favorite workout?  How regularly do you work out?

My goal is to workout 5-6 times per week.  Last week I fell WAY short of the goal.  This week I'm determined to do better and so far am 2 for 2 on workouts this week...yay!  My workouts tend to alternate between my C25K jogging workout and various DVD workouts (such as 30-Day Jump Start or Last Chance Workout).  In fact, I just finished my 30-Day Jumpstart Video last night.  It actually took about 2 months to finish it, but that was because I only did it every 3rd day or so!  So starting on Thursday I'll be doing the 30-Day Shred along with Last Chance Workout for my DVD workouts.  I'm a little scared!  :)

How about Yoga?  Do you do Yoga?  I used to take a Fitness Yoga class at my gym and I really liked it, though I felt like a fool because so many of the poses were so difficult for me to do at my large size...and my balance was I didn't stick with the class very long.  But my DVD and Wii workouts incorporate several yoga elements and poses...and I find that as I lose weight, gain strength and improve my balance, the poses are getting easier.

Here's one of my faves...The Warrior Pose

And though my balance is improving little by little, it still has a lot of room for improvement.  So as I was snapping yoga pics, I had my fair share of wobbly 'outtakes'.  And because I'm getting used to this 'sharing less than flattering pics of myself' with you, here are some of the outtakes:

Warrior Pose is going down...

Tree Pose - Though I look like I'm about to take off here!

Do you have a workout post that you can link up?  Stuffing My Feelings is the one who inspired this weekly meme with her awesome yoga pose photos!  She can make a yoga pose look SOOOoooo easy!  So link up your workout posts, whether they are about yoga or not! 


  1. I linked up to my Tuesday's post about exercising indoors. There are some good suggestions in the comments about being active inside. I like the Wii Fit Yoga too. I have no balance and little flexibility, so it is best that Yoga is an at home, by myself, no photographic evidence type of activity :) :) :)

  2. You have such a wide open space to do all these workouts, that's GREAT! We love our little place, but that warrior pose would have me bumping into furniture!

  3. You do your tree far better than I do mine. I can't even get my leg up that far yet!

    30-Day Shred is brutal, but gets easier the more you do it. At least the first level. I can't say much about the other levels though.

  4. Now my head is the size of a watermelon. Thank you so much for giving me that great compliment. I am doing Yoga tonight and will take a pic to post. I started doing Shiva Rea's recent DVD. OMG! That is so much tougher than Biggest Loser Yoga.

    And you rock in those photos.

  5. Hi gals, thanks for the compliments...I have a long way to go in my yoga remain my inspiration Rosa! Having the space does help Cheryl. I AM scared about the Shred 'Bardess'...I start in the morning...yikes!

    Thanks for the links Laura & Rosa!