Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Love Workouts! (Strength Training Edition)

There has been a lot of talk on my healthy living blogging friends in recent weeks about strength training.  Our fears about strength training, the importance of strength training, the benefits of strength training, etc, etc!

I have incorporated strength training into my workout plan via DVD workouts that I've been doing...such as the Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start and Last Chance Workout DVD's.  My Wii workout incorporates some strength training too.

I've been able to see the benefits of strength training through muscular development...mainly in my legs, abs and arms...though I look forward to losing more fat so these new muscles will be more visible!

I enlisted my daughter to take some pics while I was using my 5 pound weights in my week 4 of the 30-Day Jump Start video (this workout was 40 minutes long and 20 minutes of it was focused on strength training).

These strength training moves were coupled with cardio moves...such as reaching down towards my feet and then up to the sky on the opposite side with the weights.  My kids and I call that the 'putting the toys away" move.   :)    Or the tricep extension photo above was coupled with squats.  So the cardio + strength training is what really works well for me.  It is also what makes me look all sweaty and red-faced in these pics! 

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  1. Whew! It makes me tired just watching you work out, haahah. Good for you!

    It was fun meeting you at the get together! Keep up the great work!


  2. Woo hoo! Great ol' sweaty fun fun fun! And the muscles are such a fun benefit!! Awesome job!!

  3. I love strength training. A few years ago I did Body For life which focused alot on weight lifting with heavy weights. I lost 65 lbs in three months (and then when I had my son gained it all back plus) I plan on adding weight sessions to my workouts again soon.