Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Love Workouts! (Outdoors Edition)

Today in Minnesota, of all places, the temps are expected to reach nearly 80 degrees!  Um, hello!  80 degrees in March in Minnesota?!?!  Virtually unheard of.  Can you tell I'm excited?!

One of my goals this week is to be more active outdoors with my kids.  This Monday I instituted a new practice (not gonna call it a rule) that the kids don't use electronics for entertainment on school days.  No TV, Wii, Computer, etc.

I thought there'd be mass uprising against that rule new practice, but it has actually gone over GREAT!  It helps that the weather has been fan-tab-u-lous outside this week.  But you know what else helps?  That I'm getting outside with my kids too.  Turns out they like to hang out with mom and play with me outside.   :)

Monday we went to the park and played "Lava Tag"

Tuesday we went for an "Education Walk"...meandering along the trails near our house, doing flashcards as we walked, exploring nature, etc.

What are we gonna do today?

Just like I enjoy hanging out with my kids outside, I also enjoy doing my workouts outside.  Good thing I like is a bit of a necessity too.  I am training to do a 5K (you've heard me talk about my C25K program), and I have no treadmill or gym all that running has to happen outside.  When I started it was 30 degrees and I had to run in the road because the sidewalks were covered in ice.  Not the case anymore.  I love working out outside!

Do you workout outside?  What do you do?  Snap a picture, write a post and link it up!  Or if you have a post that focuses on what workouts you've been doing for workouts (whether outside or not), link it up below!  Let's CELEBRATE what we are doing to get (or keep) our bodies in shape!


Me & my 'running partner' back during the snowy cold days of early March...


  1. That's great. My kids are permanantly attached to the pc and tv as well. They will go for a run with me on occasion. When I (we) grew up, pc's were just coming of age and we had the atari but my mom had to threaten me within an inch of my life to get me inside the house before 8pm!

    As for the weather, it was kinda odd here too this winter. I think almost everyday in February we went below freezing and I'm just 30 minutes north of the beach in Mobile, AL. Said it was the coldest month on record EVER for Mobile. Lost all of my palms but somehow the orange trees survived!

  2. Love this meme. It's a great way to see how others are incorporating various activities into their lifestyles. Good job.