Friday, March 12, 2010

Review: Smartfood Popcorn

Remember the PriorFatGirls & FuturePriorFatGirls blogger event that I went to back at the end of February?  Jen, the host, had awesome goody bags for us, full of samples of different foods that could help us in our weight loss journey.

SO...once a week I will be doing a review of a different food that I tried as a result of that goody bag, with info on how you can get your mitts on them if you are interested!

On the drive home from the event, I scoured the goody bag for an item to snack on.  My eyes immediately fell on THIS:

Didja read that?  "Chocolate Cookie Caramel Pecan POPCORN".  Um...and this is supposed to be healthy for you?  Well, according to the Smartfood website, this snack is:
  • MSG Free
  • Porcine Free (I think 'porcine' means pork-related products)
  • Onion Free (good to know...wasn't really worried about that one...)
  • No Trans Fats 
  • Excellent source of fiber & calcium (good for me...I tend to be fiber & calcium deficient)
  • AND it is kosher (who woulda knew?!?)
One snack pack has just 120 calories and 2 grams of fat.  24 carbs if you're counting...though 5 grams are dietary fiber.  No high fructose corn syrup to be found.  However, the first ingredient is brown rice syrup, which is a sweetener, and I'd rather not have sweetener be the first ingredient in my snacks.  This snack also has at least two other sweeteners listed:  sugar & molasses.  This snack does have a high sweetness factor, so if you are jonesin' for something sweet with a bit of chocolate mixed in, this will probably do the trick.  I was hoping for a bit more protein, given the addition of pecans.  However the amount of pecans is pretty minimal.

Later that day I decided to give the other Smartfoods popcorn sample a try.  This one was Honey Multi-Grain flavor:

This flavor has the same features as above (as in porcine-free, no trans fats, yada yada) but is ALSO lactose-free...great news for those who need to avoid lactose.  Nutrition facts are pretty similar, weighing in at slightly less calories (110) and fat (1 gram), but just a touch more carbs (25 grams) than the Chocolate Cookie Caramel Pecan.  

This one is less sweet though - not over the top.  Which is not surprising, given that it has one less sugar ingredient than the other one.  It also has a touch more protein.  SO all in all, the Honey Multi-Grain popcorn gets my vote for my fave out of the two.  It definitely fulfills my caramel popcorn cravings...with much less damage!

Smartfood also makes two other popcorn flavors: Cranberry Almond and Peanut Butter Apple (hello...yumness!  gonna have try this one!).  You can buy boxes of these popcorn at most grocery stores.  Click HERE to find a place to buy some near you!

(Though these samples were provided for the PFG/FPFG event free of charge, I was not required to do a review and all opinions expressed here are my own.)

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