Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Plan: March 1st-7th

Onto Week 3 of my Menu Planning Endeavor...and so far it has been working out great!  We have been eating well and healthy and having a fun variety of food.  And so far, most things have been a hit (though there have been a couple 'flops' too...ha ha!)

Our faves from last week were:

Salmon Burgers (though I'm gonna have to find canned salmon that does not have the bones and skin included...I wasn't expecting to find that when I opened the can last week and that majorly grossed me out!)
Corn Dog Muffins (GREAT hit with the kids!)
Pizza Pockets (though I need to work with the dough a bit, it was a little crumbly)
Mini Breakfast Pizzas
Cheesy Turkey & Rice
Applesauce Bread (YUM!!)

MONDAY, March 1st

B-Fast: Serve Yourself (this means that self-serve options like cereal, breakfast bars, oatmeal, toast or fruit will be available to spouse, kids and myself.
Lunch:  Sandwiches & fruit
Dinner:  Tilapia & Pepper Packets

TUESDAY, March 2nd

B-Fast:  Blueberry Coffeecake
Lunch: Open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches & homemade tomato soup
Dinner:: Turkey Enchilada Bake

WEDNESDAY, March 3rd

B-fast:Serve Yourself (see Monday)
Lunch: Black Bean & Cheese Tostadas
Dinner: White Chicken Chili

THURSDAY, March 4th

B-fast: Serve Yourself (see Monday)
Lunch:  Corn-Dog Muffins for the kids/serve myself from the lunch spread at co-op...
Dinner:  Zesty Pork Tenderloin

FRIDAY, March 5th

B-fast: Cheryl's Protein Pancakes
Lunch:  Chicken Caesar Pitas
Dinner:  Make-It-Ourselves Whole Wheat Pizza

SATURDAY, March 6th

B-Fast: Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls,
Lunch: Baked Chicken Burgers
Dinner:  Healthified Lemon Shrimp Fettucine

SUNDAY, March 7th

B-fast:  Serve Yourself (see Monday)
Lunch: Leftovers Sampler
Dinner: Chili Bean Burgers

Snacks for the week include:  fresh fruit, carrot & celery sticks, whole wheat zucchini bread,  frozen fruit, sugar-free pudding or jell-o, crackers w/Laughing Cow cheese, baked tortilla chips & hummus, mudballs.


  1. Holly, are you eating all of these menu items you show? That's amazing! I am definitely going to try the turkey enchilada bake...and I'm sure Lon would love it if I made the cinnamon rolls! Did you come up with nutritional info for it all?

    Thanks for the shout-out too! Those protein pancakes are really good, hearty and you feel good eating them knowing how much protein punch you're getting!

  2. Hey Cheryl! I do eat most of the menu items...not all of the snacks, but all the meals I do have. I just try to pay attention to serving sizes. I have figured out the nutritional info for most of the recipes I've had in the past...let me know if you want the nutritional info for anything. I haven't tried the cinnamon rolls yet, but I hope they are a hit! Looking forward to the protein pancakes!