Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Menu Plan: March 15th-21st

I'm a little deliquent in getting my menu plan posted for this week!  But I've been working on it for a few days.  We did have all the food noted for meals yesterday.  Dinner out was Chinese food at LeeAnn Chin's (a local Chinese restaurant).  Walking in the door I knew I was going to struggle.  I love Chinese food, especially Sesame & Peking (or General Tso's) Chicken.  I chose the "Imperial Plate" - consisting of a 1/2 entree order and 1/2 appetizer order.  I selected Peking Chicken & Fried Rice, with the Cream Cheese Wontons for the appetizer.  It came with 3 wontons, but I only ate one.  Shared the other two with my two girls.  SO...all in all, yes, I would have been better off had I chosen the Chinese Chicken Salad instead (which is quite yummy), but I made better choices by picking the 1/2 entree/appetizer meal rather than the full-sized...and then still sharing it.  I still came away over-full...I don't even need to eat all of a 1/2 entree to fill myself up!  I'll remember that for future reference...

I've got some fun stuff planned for St. Patty's Day - but still planning on keeping it as healthy as possible with some lite and low-sugar treats thrown in for good measure!  I'm an Irish girl after all!  :)

Laura at Mama's Fit Life turned me on to a great foodie website, with healthified versions of yummy family friendly food!  I'm trying a couple recipes from Skinny Taste this week!

B-fast:  "Apple Pie" Oatmeal
Lunch:  Hot Dogs & Carrot/Celery sticks w/Hummus
Dinner:  Dinner out (Son's Band Concert)

B-fast:  Oatmeal
Lunch: Chicken Caeser Salad (for me & hubs), Chicken & Pasta for kids
Dinner:  Zesty Pork Tenderloins

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17th - St. Paddy's Day!!!
B-fast:  Green Eggs & Ham
Lunch:  Shamrock Sandwiches (cucumber sandwiches) with Pots 'O' Gold (corn)
Dinner: Potato Leek Soup & Irish Soda Bread
Other St. Pat's Day Treats:  End of the Rainbow Cupcakes (made Hungry Girl style with a can of diet Sprite) and Shamrock Floats (diet Sprite with a scoop of lime sherbet)

B-fast:  Pancakes & Fruit Salad
Lunch:  Grilled Cheese & Chicken Quinoa Stew
Dinner:  Asian Turkey Meatballs with Jasmine Rice

B-fast:  Blueberry Coffeecake
Lunch:  Black Bean & Cheese Tostadas
Dinner:  Homemade Pizza (Pizza & Movie Night!)

B-fast:  Eggs, Turkey Bacon & Leftover Coffeecake
Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Chili Bean Burgers & Salad

B-fast:  Cereal or Oatmeal
Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken


  1. Your menu sounds great! Green eggs and ham, so cute..

  2. Your menu looks fabulous! Made me smile to see my blog referenced :) Took a look at that website you recommended, thank you!

  3. Your menu looks wonderful!

    I love the Shamrock Sandwiches and pot o gold! Gosh, you are the coolest mom :)

  4. Alright, fess up, what is apple pie oatmeal??!! I want some!

  5. @Laura - did I not see that blog on your site? Oops...wonder who I was supposed to give credit to? Oh well-you are definitely "shout out" worthy too! :)

    @Continuous Changes - I could only hope for 'coolest mom' status...in all reality I get my ideas from a lot of other 'coolest moms' that have gone before me... :)

    @Athena's Melting - I'm hoping the kids won't get grossed out by the fact that the eggs are green!

    @Cheryl S. - it's only my all-time FAVE! I made the recipe up myself too...so I'll post the recipe sometime this week - promise!

  6. You totally saw it on my blog. It made me smile just because it was the first time my blog has been referenced! It's all good :) :) :)

  7. Oh good! Whew...thought my memory was going there for a sec! :)