Monday, March 29, 2010

Mamavation Monday - March 29th Edition

This is my first official Mamavation Monday post!  Last week I posted my video application to become the next Mamavation Mom for Campaign #4.  Applications are still being accepted through April 1st...gonna throw your name in the hat?!?  :)

Watch Lives Change

PS - if you are a current applicant, leave a link to your own Mamavation video post in the comments...I would love to link up to you all!

Before I get into my weight, workout and eating updates, I need to point your attention to some seriously cool shoes.
This is just one of MANY shoe options at Earth Footwear.  I actually learned about Earth Footwear for the first time a few years ago.  My husband was intrigued by their 'negative heel technology' and we went out to the MOA (Mall of America) to seek them out.  He was so impressed that he ended up buying a pair of their leather casual shoes.  He loved them and wore them daily...always commenting on how he could feel how they benefitted his posture and improved his muscle tone.  Secretly I wanted some...but I knew our budget was limited so I didn't speak up.  Wish I had!  I've learned even more about Earth Footwear recently and I love all that I hear!  These shoes lift the toes up 3.7 degrees...which actually creates a more natural position for posture...something that would be very beneficial to me!  Also, because of the reverse heel technology, the entire time someone is moving in Earth Footwear shoes they are improving their muscles and creating a greater calorie and fat burn than walking in regular shoes alone.  Better yet, Earth Footwear comes in many styles...which means that there are tennis shoe options for your workouts, dress shoe options for the office and casual shoe options for every day!  Awesome!

And I am hoping to WIN a pair of Earth Footwear shoes in celebration of their 40th Anniversary and Earth Day.  Mamavation is going to be giving away several pairs during March & April! 

My previous weigh-in was on 3/22 (even though I didn't get to posting about it until HERE) and the scale was oh-so-gracious to me by giving me the gift of a 2 lb loss.  I call it a gift because the week prior to 3/22 I did not work for it.  I worked out maybe two times of 30 mins each all week.  I didn't track my eating well, and compromised on some of my food selections a few too many times.  I didn't deserve a loss at all...let alone two pounds.

So upon that unexpected 2 pound loss I graciously thanked the scale and promised I'd make it up to Mr. Scale this week.  And I did!

I worked out every single day this week!  Even Sunday, which I usually reserve as my 'rest day'.  I did my Last Chance workout b/c I was inspired by my tweeps on Sunday morning who were all talking about the workouts they just did or were going to do.  Then I found myself craving a workout!  With a sick little girl at home and a hubby working all day, I knew the workout would have to be at home (despite the beautiful sunshine outside!), and since weigh-in was just one day away, I decided on the Last Chance DVD.  Good workout...ALL my major muscle groups were fatigued!

I also started the 30-Day Shred this week!  Uff-dah!  Man those 20 minutes definitely kick my butt...and my muscles were screaming at me the next day.  But it felt good too...all at the same time.  I've done 2 days of Level 1 so far...I'll be alternating the Shred with my C25K workouts...and an occasional different workout (like "Last Chance") here and there.  I'm going to take a pic of myself after every day of the 30 Day Shred that I do.  Here are pics from the first two workouts:

Day 1:  Me & Jillian  (I survived...barely)

The Shred, Day 2
(I'm holding up 2 fingers to indicate "Day 2", not "Peace Out")
(Yes, I'm wearing a Golden Grahams T-shirt)

Oh!  And speaking of working out, I was VERY proud of myself during my Day 1 of Week 4 of my C25K training program on Saturday.  That day my running intervals bumped up to be this:
  • Run 3 minutes
  • Walk 90 seconds
  • Run 5 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes 
And then repeat that interval pattern until I reach 30 minutes.  Up until Saturday the most I had run without stopping was 2 1/2 minutes.  Now I was supposed to do up to 5?!?  I was super intimidated!  But my little sister (who will be my 'Fit Friend'...whether or not I get selected to be the next Mamavation Mom) had reminded me beforehand that we are capable of doing more than we think we can.  So when I expressed my fears to her about running up to 5 minutes without stopping she said "When you think you can't go any further, you probably can push through that and make it to the 5 minutes."  She reminded me that much of running training is mental.  So I took her advice to heart and mentally pushed through those moments where I thought I *had* to stop.  And guess what?!?  I DID IT!  I ran the whole 30 minutes doing the intervals above.  I ran a total of 20 minutes out of 30.  That is awesome for me!  (nothing like tooting my own horn...ya'll getting sick of me yet?)

So, as you can tell, I was pleased with my workouts this last week.  No slacking, no just 'easing by'...I really worked it.

Eating was pretty good too.  Not quite as stellar, but not bad.  My biggest downfall of the week was an impromptu lunch stop at Wendy's last Friday with the kids.  I got the Grilled Chix sandwich (healthier, right?) but as part of the whole combo meal.  Complete with fries and a small Frosty.  And I ate it all.  To the tune of just over 1,000 calories.  For one meal.  SO not worth it.  But I didn't let that slip up knock me off the wagon.

Last night I was at a 7 hour long planning meeting for the homeschool co-op board that I am on, and there was quite a spread of good (in a 'bad-for-you' way) food available for easy snacking.  But I was very conscious of what I was putting into my body.  I loaded my plate with a large salad (light on the dressing!) and some delicious fruit (oh yum!) instead of the other tempting fare.  There was a delicious dessert spread with things like Berry Cheesecake (raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries Oh My!) and Brownies.  I had about 1/4 of a slice of cheesecake, and about 1/4 of a brownie.  Teeny tiny dessert portions.  Yes, I was one of those people that not only cut the original piece in half, but then cut it in half AGAIN!  And you know what?  Those two little tastes completely sufficed.

I did find myself feeling a bit jealous though when I saw some of the thin moms of the group go back for their SECOND full-size piece of cheesecake.  How do they do it?  Oh doesn't matter.  It doesn't work for me and it's not worth it anyway.

So all that to say...that was my week in eating and exercising.  Not bad, but as always I saw areas that I could improve or that I could challenge myself more in.  One of those is drinking more water.  Some of my new Twitter Mamavation friends do great at reminding us to be drinking our water.  I appreciate that!

In Like A Lion, Out Like A......Lion:  As we end the month of March, the actual weather we experienced was just the like a lamb and it looks like it will be out like a lamb.  Not so for my weight loss this month.  I was very discouraged and actually a little dumbfounded when I stepped on the scale this morning.  My weigh-in for this morning was 271.4, a 3.4 weigh GAIN for the week.  How is that possible?  I mean, go figure that the previous week, when I barely tried, I lose 2 pounds.  And this week when all of my workouts were spot-in and my eating was pretty decent, I gain?  And gain a lot?!  The first gain I'd ever had in this journey so far was two weeks ago and that was .6 of a pound.  That was bad enough.  But 3.4 pounds?!?  Please let it be that TOM is on the way, or that I built an extraordinary amount of muscle or SOMETHING.  These are the types of situations (gaining instead of losing when I genuinely tried very hard) that begin to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, tempting me to give it up.  I'm NOT going to do that, because I'm determined.  I'm trying to ignore the fact that I gained when I had no expectation to.  I'm trying to release the fact that come April 1st (2 days away) I'm not going to be anywhere near my April 1st goal of being down to 262 pounds.  I will weigh again on Wednesday so that I have an accurate recording of what weight I did have on April 1st.  Hopefully it will be less than it is today.  Argh. 

Back to looking at the positive...
Ohh and here is an awesome NSV (which is also #1 on my Weight Loss Bucket List).  See this ring:

It's a cute little silver and turquoise ring that one of our family friends gave to my middle daughter.  It was a little big for her and I was admiring it, so I slid it on my finger to see if it fit.  It DID fit.  It fit PERFECTLY!  So then I got to thinking...if this ring fits then maybe that other ring finally fits too...

you know, my WEDDING ring!
This hasn't fit since last JUNE 2009!  Actually since before that.  But that's when I got it off.  My increased weight gain from 2008/2009 coupled with the swelling that was happening to my feet and hands due to my high blood pressure made it impossible to wear my rings.  I've been wearing a cheapo Kohl's fake ring since then.  

But I can't say that I FULLY met my Weight Loss Bucket List Goal #1 of being able to wear my wedding ring again because the ring above is actually just my engagement ring.  I never had them soldered together, and they must be sized just slightly different...b/c when I try to put on my wedding band, this is what it looks like:

Still not QUITE there...

So I'll chalk this up as a half-way NSV.  But it sure does feel good to wear a real diamond on my wedding finger again!  :)

Here's to a new week of kicking that 3.4 pound weight gain's arse!  This next week my goals are:

1 - To work out at least 6 days--double workouts at least 2 days this week
2 - To cognitively do active activities with the kids (ie playing outside, going to the park, going for a walk, etc.)
3 - To drink 10 tall glasses of H2O every day (that equates to roughly 160 oz)
4 - To not eat to the point of (or beyond) feeling uncomfortably full
5 - To avoid "white stuff" (meaning food made with processed refinied flour or sugar) and focus on fruits and veggies instead.

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  1. You have some great goals for the week. Try to brush the gain off, a gain like that is most likely do to something like retaining water.... had a lot of salty food lately? Or like you suggested, TOM is on the way! You are doing awesome and good luck on becoming the next mamavation mom!

  2. Great job on your first Mamavation post and good luck on your application. I am in South Dakota so I a rooting for you! Keep up the great workout habits and you will reach your goals one step at a time!

  3. "No slacking, no just 'easing by'...I really worked it." - Girl, you are already both motivating and inspiring. Way to go!

  4. I *LOVE* the idea of your weight loss bucket list!!!!!

    (now, off to watch YOUR video!)

  5. Sounds like you've got amazing stuff going on! I love 30 day Shred, I mix it in with my other workouts, never tried doing it the full 30 days. Just wait, not only will your ring fit, but it may even get too big, mine has, ugh. I will take it though ;)