Monday, March 8, 2010

History of Holly - Part 1 (+ Weigh In)

Holly @ age 7 
Sorry for the quality...only kid photo of me I could find digitally!

Classic middle child.  That was is me.  Peacemaker.  Easygoing.  Laid Back.  

Born late in the year in 1974 (oh gosh, ya'll know how old I am now...), into an awesome family.  Two older sisters at the 4.5 years old than me, another 3 years older.  

I was the baby for a while...6 years to be exact!  Then my little sister came along...and my brother four years after that.  Five of us kids in all.  I had an idyllic childhood.  Great family, great parents, little to no major stressful events or tragedies.  I mean, the first funeral I went to in my life was when I was 16.  And that wasn't even for a relative.  We come from healthy genes and steady easygoing personalities.

I was born in Iowa, but as a preschooler we moved to Texas.  A few of my Texas (part 1) memories include:
  •  Finally getting to walk around the corner to my friend's house all by myself (possibly age 5?), but my friend was not home.  Instead of walking back the way that I came, I continued down the block the other direction and turned the corner.  When I couldn't find my house where I thought it would be, I sat down on the curb and cried.  This is where the memory gets fuzzy, but I think a lady saw me, came out of her house and asked me what was the matter.  When I told her I was lost, she walked around the block with me until I recognized my house and made sure I was in the right place.
  • A bit younger (maybe 4?) I woke up from my nap and saw my sisters' Barbie gymnastics set laying out.  I decided one of the hard plastic tubes would make a good trumpet and proceeded to run down the hallway with the tube in my hands!  Then I tripped.  The tube hit the ground first and then dug into my soft palate (the roof of my mouth).  No such thing as 911 then, but my mom had an ambulance there in no time flat.  After several stitches, an overnight in the hospital and a few weeks eating nothing but pudding, soup and ice cream (hmm...maybe this is why ice cream is my vice now...), I was all healed up.  Except now I had a lisp.  Couldn't say my 'S', 'Sh' and 'Ch' sounds right.  Had a bit of speech therapy in school to help with that, but I still talk with a little bit of a lisp.  My husband says it's endearing...sounds good to me! 
Then we moved to Colorado, right about the time I was starting school.  We moved a few times that Kindergarten fact, I attended Kindergarten at 3 different schools!  I credit that (and future moves) with my ability to be pretty adaptable.  Course that might be a bit of the 'middle child' syndrome too!  Memories from Colorado include:
  • I used to love exploring.  I'd spend hours outside, pretending I was lost in the wilderness.  One day I found a gray rock, about the size of a cantaloupe, except it was more oval shaped.  I was convinced it was a petrified dinosaur egg.  So I decided I was going to carry it home.  It was heavy though!  I walked along the railroad tracks, quickest way back home.  But I tripped and dropped the rock dinosaur egg.  It broke into two pieces.  I quickly learned that it was NOT a dinosaur egg...but now I was super excited because it seemed to be full of purple diamonds!  It was an amethyst geode.  I kept it for a long time...years.  It looked kinda like this:

  •  We lived in Grand Junction, which was basically in a pocket of mountains.  You had to go over mountains to get in or out of there.  So we did a lot of driving in the mountains.  I remember one trip we did with a group from our church to Canyonlands National Park.  Part of that trip involved driving on a road called Shafer off-road dirt trail that has sheer drop-offs on one side, steep, sharp switchbacks and full of bumps and ruts.   See what I'm talkin' about?
I remember on that trip that my dad did some masterful driving, my mom put a bag over her head to avoid watching, and I watched for a bit, intrigued...before succumbing to my own fear and laying on the floor of the car instead.  I still have a fear of driving (or riding as a passenger) on mountain roads with gets my heart pounding just thinking about it!  whew...I'm sweating...

In third grade we moved BACK to Texas (part 2).  I remember climbing to the top of the monkey bars at my new school and searching the horizon for mountains.  There were none to be found.  I missed the mountains.  I made my first real best friend in third grade.  She lived across the street from me and was from a family of SEVEN kids!  She was the youngest, a year younger than me.  And we spent days after day playing with My Little Pony's, Cabbage Patch Kids, Strawberry Shortcake.  We would explore, finding lizards in tree stumps and go swimming in the neighbor's pool.  We took ballet class together.  We still keep in touch today!  My favorite teacher ever was my fourth grade teacher in Texas.  But then, the summer after fourth grade we moved again.  

Back to Iowa.  Full circle!

That was the start to fifth grade.  The start to the pre-teen years.  The slow start to my weight issues.

More on that on History of Holly - part 2: The Teen Years...coming next Monday!

Today is weigh-in AND updating my monthly measurements.  I'm gonna talk about the measurements first...because that is my favorite this week.  

Measurements Update: As you probably know, you can see my measurements (from my update yesterday) over here ------> with insight to what the measurements were LAST month on Feb. 7th and how much I lost between 2/7/10 and 3/7/10.  And I like the numbers!  Overall I went down 12.5 inches in ONE MONTH!  I don't know if that is average, high or low for losing 10 pounds, but I LIKE THE NUMBERS!  I lost in every area that I measure...varying between .5 inch to 3.5 inches lost in individual areas.  I lost the most in my hips, which is a good thing, because they are the biggest!  Usually in the past when I've kept track of measurements, I lose no inches in my calves.  So I was pleased to see I lost 1/2 an inch in each calf.  Must be the running!  I wish I had measured myself when I started this journey on 1/4/10, but I didn't.  I lost 9 pounds in January, which means I'm sure I lost inches too.  But how many, I'll never know.  And it doesn't really matter anyway, does it?  The proof is in the pudding.  I'm down a size, I've lost 21 pounds and I'm at least 12.5 inches smaller than I was when I started.  I haven't done this perfectly, but I AM doing this!  And it's working!  

Weigh-In:  My weigh-in went better than expected this week too and I am pleasantly surprised with th results.  I weighed in at 270.2 this morning, which is a loss of exactly 2 pounds last week.  Total loss since January 4, 2010 is 21 pounds.  The reason I was surprised at losing 2 pounds is because I have struggled a bit this past week with mindless eating.  For the most part I have still made healthy choices (minus the quesadilla and small blizzard from DQ) but I have caught myself on several occasions eating when I was not fact a couple of times I found myself going to the fridge when I still felt full from the meal previously eaten.  This type of eating qualifies more as mindless eating just for the sake of eating rather than emotional eating, because there aren't stressful or anxious emotions around the eating...just old habits rearing their ugly head.  That is the danger zone for me...snacking...and I'm determined to get the beast under control!  I met my March 1st weight loss goal today (March 8th) week behind schedule, just like Jan/Feb.  This month my goal is to lose 9 pounds total, for a weigh in of 262 by month's end.  I've got 8 pounds and 3 weeks to go.  The goal is do-able, but I have to stay focused!

C25K Update:  Starting Week 2 of training today.  Week 1 was do-able, but still challenging.  I'm a bit nervous about increasing my running time this week, but thankful that it is only increasing by 30 seconds per interval.  I know I can do that!


  1. Woo hoo on your weightloss, Holly! Yippeeee!!!!

    And I am high fivin' ya from one middle kid to another ;) (high five)

    Ouchie on the little Barbie toy... yikes!!

    Love reading about your memories.. so so fun to know you better!