Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Big Reveal...

Okay, sooooo I only had four guesses as to which was my ONE TRUTH out of the six statements I shared on Monday in response to the "Creative Writer" blog award given to me by Salina.

For a recap, these were the six statements.  Only ONE of them was 100% true and I asked readers to guess which one they thought was the true statement.  Here they are...which one do you think is 100% true?

1 - My uncle convinced my mom that she should name me 'Holly' if I was born in December.  Since I was due in mid-November, my mom never thought she'd have to make good on the deal.  But I was late.  Thus, my name is Holly.
2 - Had I been born in November as expected, my name would have been Julia.
3 - I have traveled to every continent except Antarctica.
4 - On one of those travels, I was deported after spending several hours in an immigration detaining room with ex-cons, drug smugglers and such.
5 - I had my eyebrow pierced for about a year when I lived in Ireland
6 - I have three tattoos, though none are visible to others when I wear *normal* clothes.

There were only 4 guesses...
From Weighting Around "I'll go for #3 as a lie. And if it is true then I am envious!"

From Keelie"I think #2 is the lie..I think the name would have been something different."

From Bardess Blogger"I'm thinking #3.  I love #1 though. That's really neat!"

From Cheryl"I think the truth statement is #6. :)" 

Leave it to me to make my little contest confusing!  Sorry if I confused ya'll.  Five out of the six statements are lies.  Only one of them is true...I was looking for your guess on which was the true statement!  But no one guessed the correct number...truth or lie!  I did say in my previous post that all 6 have an element of truth to them, but only one is 100% truth.  So here's the background story on each of the statements...

1-It was actually my grandmother that convinced my mother to name me Holly, not my uncle.  The rest is true though!

2- Keelie, you were spot on about this one...if I had been born on time, in November, I would have been named "Amanda Sue" 

3 - No need to be jealous you all...I have NOT been to all of the continents except Antartica.  I have been to about half of them:  North America (obviously...), South America (another pretty obvious one since my kids were adopted from Colombia...), Europe (well, I've been to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland...but never mainland Europe...but I think that still counts! Oh wait, I did spend four hours in the airport in Amsterdam once!) and Africa (Kenya & Tanzania).  Still waiting to get to Australia & Asia...but I don't really care to visit Antartica!

4 - This is the TRUE ONE!  I WAS DEPORTED!  From Ireland, of all countries. lie.  I have a stamp in my passport and an official deportation notice (now in my scrapbook).  I'll give you more of the story on History of Holly-Part 3 coming on Monday, but the short story is that I was spending a year working with a missions organization in Ireland for a year.  I got my visa, but they didn't get a work permit for me...and I didn't even know such a thing was required.  During the year I traveled back to the States to visit my family for Easter, but when I got back to Ireland, I got a ruthless immigration officer and she wouldn't let me through.  After 6 hours in the detaining room (and there are some stories to tell from there for SURE!), I was sent on a plane back to Chicago.  Crazy, huh?  (PS - it didn't impact my permanent record and I have since traveled to Ireland successfully 2 more times...just a paperwork error, really.  But kinda cool too!  ;)

 (Note:  I have no idea who this dude is.  Source)

5 - My eyebrow wasn't ever pierced.  I pierced my nose while I lived in Ireland.  Just a little stud hoops in my nose!  It was a whim, but one I stuck with for about 2 years!  I decided against the eyebrow piercing because I was afraid it'd leave a scar.

6 - I don't have three tattoos.  Just one...much to the chagrin of my mother.  I got it after my year in Ireland.  It is a Celtic cross designed by St. permanently residing on my back...but definitely not visible when I'm wearing 'normal' clothes!

So there you have it...a bit more info about me!   I sound quite rebellious from some of those statements...but really the opposite is true!

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  1. I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog today. I know that it takes a lot of time to leave remarks and I do appreciate when someone goes to all the effort that you did today to tell a story, leave a few words of encouragement, etc.

    Great job on working through the C25K! It's a great program, in my opinion, although I'm pretty sure my husband will jump for joy when we're done!