Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Work That Body

Okay, for those of you that aren't from MN, the commercial below plays from time to time on TV here as an ad spot for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minneosta.  Part of their 'Do-Groove' campaign.  I don't have Blue Cross/Blue Shield as my insurance, but these catchy commercials stick in my head.  I often find myself singing "Everybody work that body, everybody shake that body..." as I'm working out...they remind me that every little bit of *more* movement is doing good for our bodies, no matter how intense or low-impact that movement is...and it can be FUN!  So here is the original commercial for your enjoyment..."Do Dance":

And the latest one is "Do Walk", another good one:

If you like to read 'Success Stories', HERE are a bunch from the 'Do Groove' website to motivate ya!

So how are you gonna WORK THAT BODY today?


  1. I get their songs stuck in my head too:) that is funny!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my post last week. This music is great. Do you know who is singing.
    I didn't make a comment on your last post about the scales. I think you are doing great. 10lbs in a month is a little over 2lbs a week. From what I have read that is about the right spot to be in to have slow steady reduction. Keep up the good work. I have an article about basal metabolic rate (BMR) on my site you might want to check out if you haven't read anything about it. http://loseweightdream.com/?p=84

  3. Thanks for coming by my site and leaving comments. I love the look of your blog...it's pretty fancy. You obviously know what you're doing...unlike me!!! They say Minnesota is the closest US state to Canadians culturally, except the way you say roof!!!! :)

  4. You know, "thebest", I'm not sure who sings the song in the commercials...but it is catchy! Right LD? ;)

    Dawne - LOL about 'roof'. I'm actually a MN transplant (grew up in TX, CO, & IA), so the MN accent is as foreign to me as the Canadian one! :)