Monday, February 22, 2010

Weigh Day!

It's the start of the last week of February!  Will I meet my goal of 10 pounds down this month?  I think it is very possible!  Weighed in this morning at 272.2, which means a loss last week of 4.2 pounds!  Wowsa & YAY!  I am trying to keep the scale as only one of several markers of my weight loss and healthier living success, but it is nice when the scale reflects the work being done.  It's even nicer when the scale reflects more than you expect and probably deserve!  Which is definitely true this week.

See, I had a bout of emotional eating just two days ago...the first (and hopefully only) emotional eating I've done since I've started this journey.  Ever had a day where you feel like you behaved a litte less mature than your youngest child?  Yeah, that was me on Saturday...

Saturday we planned to go sledding with the kids.  Had lunch and everyone got ready to go.  Then I realized I couldn't find my keys to the van.  Nor the spare keys to the van.  As my husband and the kids waited outside, I searched the house & my purse over and over again for the keys.  The more time went by with no success, the more my internal thoughts become more and more negative.  "I'm ruining this day"..."I'm so unorganized!"..."I'm incompetent"..."I'm a failure as a mom/wife"...why do our thoughts digress like this when we are stressed?  So then my DH popped his head in to see if there had been success.  He was frustrated the keys still hadn't been found, understandably so, but I totally flew off the handle at him...because I had already stirred myself into a ball of stressed out nerves.  That degenerated into a stupid fight.  I ended up spending the rest of the day deep cleaning the house from bottom to top in search of my keys.  Bonus #1 - it was a good workout.  Bonus #2 - my house is clean and more organized!  I DID find the keys...they were on my bedside table, but when my daughter had naptime in our bed, she had piled her toys on top of them.  But I didn't find them until about 8:00...too late for sledding.  I never found the spare...hmm...where IS it?

Anyway, after spending several hours cleaning, and later getting the kids to bed, I still felt stressed out.  I had apologized to DH for my behavior earlier, and he had gone to bed early.  I wanted to stay up and get my menu-plan for the week done...and I remembered that a friend had brought and left some M&M's at our house on Friday night.  Our guests then had already eaten about half the bag.  But Saturday night I grabbed that bag and proceeded to eat the other half of the bag (and this was the large size bag) while I did my menu-planning.  I wasn't hungry...and even if I had been, there were better choices available.  Towards the end of my M&M binge the candy didn't even taste good anymore.  And I wasn't feeling so good either.  My body has had very little refined sugar in the last two months.  Eating 1/2 a bag of M&M's left me with a raging headache, feeling sore (inflammation, maybe?) and angry at myself for it.  So much for relieving stress, huh?

Anyway - all that to say, I fully expected a gain...or a zero loss for the week because of that mishap.  So imagine my surprise when I still showed an over 4 pound loss!  Undeserved grace...thank you scale. 

PS - We went sledding yesterday instead and had a GREAT time!!!  :)


  1. This past week kicked my butt, not feeling good for most of it and getting only a couple of cardio workouts in. BUT! I'm now over the hump and heading into this week strong...adjusted my 2 month goal to reach minus 15 by March 1. That means a loss of 3.7#'s this next week.

    You are doing remarkable, Holly!!! The great thing about your M & M mishap is that you recognize it and have not allowed it to derail you. I think that might be what this is all about! Keep it going this week!


    Go MM! Go!!!!

    That is a fantastic weigh in, girl!!

  3. Great loss!!! Don't feel bad--I had a "bad" food day too. I think i ate more than you and the scale wasn't as forgiving.

    Glad you found your keys and sledding happened after all! Have a great week:)

  4. I totally understand the emotional binge eating, I have done that a time or two felt the same way afterwards...good for you on the weight loss though!! woo hoooo:)

  5. Wow! That's awesome!! Way to go. And, hey, all that house cleaning probably helped burn some of the calories from those M&M's. ;-)

  6. Congratulations on the awesome weigh in! house is the same way. We are right in the middle of a remodel. It took me 15 minutes to find a tape measure(it's pretty big) and I couldn't find Love's work badge. So tonight, I have a date with the organizer in me :) I am glad you found your keys and that you went sledding :)

  7. Those are exactly the kind of life stresses that make me want to eat. I can so relate to your thoughts! Amazing weight loss!! I'm so excited for you!

  8. yay! congrats! Keep it up!

  9. Congrats on the great weigh in.
    Don't get discouraged if you don't lose anything. I was the same way losing losing losing, and then all of a sudden you hit a plateau and your like I've done everything I can.
    I had to get off the scale after a while because it was getting too hard to deal with if I didn't produce the results I liked. Same for my mom. We lost our weight together.
    So now we are working on a book that I found so I got a copy for each of us to follow. It's by Melonie Dodaro, called The MindBody FX Lifestyle. We no longer emotional eat. (or if we do it's a healthy choice) and we consult eachother and eat together alot so we make sure one another is doing well. We no longer weigh in as much. Before it was like 3 times a week. That's when it gets a little discouraging. Now maybe once a month is good enough for us. That way we don't get down on ourselves if we are up or the same.
    Keep up the great work and just remember you are doing great.

  10. Wow! Thanks for all the Comment Love everyone!

    You know, I missed putting my NSV's into my weigh in post..all caught up in my emotional eating story...but not allowing the M&M 'incident' derail me is a victory! AND I'm so glad the emotional eating DIDN'T work for me this time...I believe that will make it easier to withstand the urge to eat out of emotions next time the temptation rears its ugly head!

  11. Congrats for the loss. You are on your way for sure.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And thank you so much for your wonderful words on my Yoga. I love Yoga and do as much as I can during the week. That compliment validates me because I have to do all my workouts at home with no teachers to adjust or correct. Thank you.

    I think your Yoga idea is fantastic. A Mr. Linky would be great for encouraging one another to keep up the practice.