Monday, February 15, 2010

Weigh Day!

I fully expected to see zero weight loss this week...and half-way expected a gain.  So imagine by happy surprise that I still lost...1.2 pounds to be exact - with a weigh-in of 276.4 this morning.

Being sick this past week (was sick...felt better...pushed it and then was sick on the mend AGAIN), I only worked out MAYBE 3 times.  I also didn't eat the best.  Not horrible, but certainly not as good as I have been.  I compromised with my eating choices more than I wished I had after the fact.  However I never binged or lost control.  And I was happy about that.

In the past, something like being sick for a week was enough to derail me from my weight loss efforts.  I'd find myself saying  to myself "Oh, it is too much work right now when I'm not feeling well.  I'll throw in the towel altogether and will pick it back up when I feel better..." (knowing full well that I wouldn't pick it back up again).  This week I definitely had temptations to 'throw in the towel', but I wouldn't let it go...and for that I'm happy.  Probably part of the reason that I was still able to get through a sick and inactive week and still show a loss.


1 - I only ate 4 pieces of bite size chocolates when 2 bags full were available to me.  Yay!
2 - Set up a menu plan for this week to guarantee healthy balanced meals.
3 - Tried some new lower fat/lower calorie Fun Eats that I will feature tomorrow!
4 - On one of my 'feeling better' days (before relapsing...) I went for a much longer jog/walk (the equivalent of 7 blocks as opposed to the previous usual of 3 blocks).  It felt great.
5 - DIDN'T throw in the towel

We are dreaming about a getaway vacation to Puerto Rico sometime late this spring or early summer.  It may be entirely wishful thinking and is 100% contingent on how well the 'busy season' for my husband goes...but wouldn't THAT be an awesome weight loss motivator?  I'll keep you posted if anything transpires with that dream!!


  1. WAY TO GO! You are doing great, keep it up!

  2. The good days out weigh the off days. That's what it's all about.

    Wishing lots of lovely days.

  3. That is really great. Your insights are always compelling! Your posts are too thought provoking. The calorie counters on the treadmill should be the next to go...

  4. Way to go! I love the new (from past attempts) attitude -- hanging in there rather than throwing in the towel. THAT attitude will see you reach your goals. Great job!

  5. Thanks gals! We ARE doing this! :)