Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Love Workouts - New Weekly Feature!

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I told you all a couple days ago that I would be revealing a weekly feature that I will be hosting going forward for all who are interested!  (PS - sorry this didn't post on Friday as promised.  It was written then...well almost all of it was...but couldn't get it finished & posted in the midst of my busy day!  Forgive me!!)

We Love Workouts!

well, we do, rightMost days??!?

okay, maybe we are just STARTING to love workouts...maybe more than that we love what workouts do for our weight loss & getting healthy efforts.   Maybe you genuinely DO love workouts!  Most days I do too.

But what is true is that working out and moving our bodies ("Work That Body!") is a huge contributor to our weight loss, muscle definition, cardiac benefit and overall health.  And no matter what shape our bodies are in at this very moment, the fact that we are working them out more than we used means we are doing good for ourselves.  We are doing good for those we love too!

So let's LOVE our Workouts!  And let's honor them (and the changes they are making in us) through a weekly We Love Workouts! guessed it...Wednesday! (you know...the W's...alliteration and all)
So here's how it works...
**Each Wednesday, put up a post that somehow highlights your workout with a picture/video/vlog/graphic/etc...  (even if you aren't showing yourself on your blog, you can be creative with how to highlight your workout in pictures!)
**There will be a theme for each week, but I won't be a 'Feature Nazi'...if you want to go a different direction with your We Love Workouts post, no problem!
**There will be a MckLinky here, where you can link up your posts so we can all be inspired by the workouts each of us are doing.  
**There's a button you can grab for your blog too!  There is a box with the HTML code up there to the right (see it?) that you can grab...or you can just right click on the logo at the top of this post and save it to your computer for use on your blog/posts.  
**If you do participate in We Love Workouts, would you be so kind as to link back to Making Over Me in your post?  Thanks!
**We are kicking off We Love Workouts next Wednesday, March 3rd with a theme, just post any picture that somehow reflects your workout.  Add words or don't...your choice!  

Perhaps something along the lines of this pic that I posted way back when:


Or perhaps something along the lines of...
Keelie's shapely legs (the results of her mama!)

See ya next Wednesday for the first We Love Workouts feature!  This one is a freebie (meaning: no theme), so do whatever you want (just keep it family friendly, folks!).  :)  You can even link to older posts if you'd like - they don't have to be done on the same day.  

Looking forward to being inspired with ya'll!

[EDIT: Sooo...I'm not as original as I thought...turns out Jen @ Prior Fat Girl does what I call the 'Sweaty Faces' feature and Rosa @ Stuffing My Feelings gave me a shout out and put the idea to work in her Fitness Friday Feature!  Though I'm not so original, that just means you can have your workout themed picture featured at several different blogs.  So head on over to both and check it out!]

PS - Stay tuned over the weekend for pics and play-by-play of the PFG & FPFG's blogger meet-up this was awesome...thanks Jen, Lindsay and Amanda!  Also, reviews coming up soon for some great products that will help you on your weight loss endeavors!!!


  1. To me, you are original. You gave me the idea. I will be here Wednesdays with my pic. Thank you for putting up your picture on mine. I will also check out Sweaty Faces. I have never thought of doing that. Thank you for the shout out. I love this concept and know it will be a great encouragement for all.

  2. Thanks Rosa! We'll get to our goal encouraging each other!