Friday, February 5, 2010

Stress & Lackluster Motivation

Stress & Lackluster Motivation are two things that can be a killer to weight loss.  And I'm struggling with both this morning.

Found out last night that something we were counting on happening soon is not going to happen as expected.  Not meant to be cryptic, but just don't want to go into all the deets.

On top of that I realized yesterday that I FORGOT to mail in my COBRA insurance payment by February 1.  I called to see if I could pay our insurance over the phone even though it was 3 days late.  I was informed it had already been cancelled and I'd have to file an appeal to have it reinstated...which could take 30-60 days.  And my husband has some unresolved medical issues stemming from a surgery he had last March that still requires regular doctor visits and expensive medication.  I couldn't be more frustrated with myself. 

So...upon learning all that news last night I found my stress level rise significantly.  It was a horrible, rotton, no good very bad day.

Now, in reality we have weathered much tougher storms than what we are going through right now.  It isn't as huge as I make it out to be...because  I know God will provide for us what we really need, even if that isn't the same as what WE think we really need/want!  I know that intellectually...but my heart was still freaking out a bit.

I stayed up til 2 in the morning looking for ways to solve some of the stressful things we are facing right now.  I set my computer aside on the table saying to myself that I'd just close my eyes for a second and then I would get up and head upstairs to bed.

The next time I woke up was at ten after 7:00 AM.  So much for sleeping in my bed.

So I promptly got up, went to the bathroom and then laid down on the couch.  Where I dozed for another hour until my children got up and my dog was growling at the door insisting it was time to go outside.

I mustered the energy to take him outside.  But no walk.  Just had him do his business in the side yard.  I had no motivation or energy to do anything more.  Plus it is snowing...again.

No. Motivation.

And this comes on top of NOT working out yesterday (though I did do two walks with the dog rather than my usual one).  I ate okay yesterday (still stayed under 2000 calories) though my fat intake was higher than it should have been and there were a few things I should have eaten less of or not had at all.  (such as the itsy bitsy brownie bite that I had that still had 95 calories in it even though it was literally 'bite size'.  So not worth it.)

So I'll have to get up the motivation to workout later today and shake off the funk and stress.  We will be okay.  It will work out.  There are resources and ideas available to us that we can take advantage of.

So what helps reduce stress?  A long heart shower (NOTE: I didn't realize until I did my re-read of this post that I had mistyped 'long HEART shower' instead of 'HOT'...but I think it must have been a Freudian slip.  I'm keeping it.)  Doing yoga (maybe that'll be my workout today).  Counting my blessings.  And being proactive for whatever needs to be done.  AND actually reduces my stress too...and gives me perspective.

Found some links about how stress affects weight loss and how to combat stress in a healthy way:

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How to Relieve Stress

Alright, I've talked myself into it.  Shake it off sister!  HERE WE GO!

(PS - no emotional eating went into the above stress and emotional funk...that in itself is a WIN!)

PPS - I told ya'll I'd post my 'Before' pics.  These were actually taken mid-January, after I'd already lost about 8 pounds, but close enough.  And I'm fully clothed...not quite confident enough to do the bra top and shorts progress pics.  Maybe after the first 50 have dropped off or so...


 Wow.  These are horrifying.  Can't believe I'm posting them. 
But, no holds barred, right?

Well, I think I've busted through my lackluster motivation after THAT!

Measurements coming soon...(wasn't motivated to do those either...bah!)


  1. They are NOT horrifying. You are beautiful. Why do we assume we're not beautiful when we're bigger.

    I know it's hard to face stress without's my biggest challenge. God won't let you face anything too big for you to handle...even without comfort eating.

    LOVED the heart shower..I have heart baths. It's my new saying...I'm stealing it, but will always give you credit! :)

  2. YOu are doing great! I am proud of you! I know stress can be a huge obstical but nothing is too big for God so keep praying and trusting him with those situations and keep moving forward. I know you will succeed!!

    I thought I was brave posting my acctual weight! You are surely brave and a very beautiful lady! I, however, am not that brave yet :) so you go girl and have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for your encouragement Dawne and Deanna! And you are right Dawne, why do we talk poorly about ourselves? I shouldn't have said is that helpful? I do think much of me is beautiful...there are just a few parts (ahem...tummy, legs, butt...) that I find a bit horrifying...especially to air on the world wide web. But having it out there actually keeps me motivated. Now on to having better self-talk!

    I'm trying to do well at not letting stress get to me too much. Of course my monthly friend came to visit today, which may explain some of my freaking out the other day!

    I'm off to work out...gotta get in a good workout today to make up for two days of no workouts. I'm back on the wagon!

  4. Taking an honest assessment takes guts! You have made great strides this past month!

  5. I was noticing as I read this post that you did not do the emotional eating thing! And, then of course, you said that at the end....I believe that is a fabulous victory! Low motivation days happen, they happen when we're losing weight and they happen when we reach our goals. You did good figuring out the best way for you to handle it all!