Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Objects in Mirror are SMALLER Than They Appear...

Ya know how your side mirrors on your car always inform you "Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear"?  You know, to make sure you realize that the semi truck you see behind you isn't actually 50 feet behind you, like your mind thinks it is...but probably only 15 feet back.

As I've neared the 20 pounds down mark (I WILL be there by next weigh-in!) I've wondered about when *they* (as in friends/acquantinces/etc.) will begin to notice my weight loss.  This isn't meant to be vain or desirous of praise and flattery.  Just honest many pounds/inches will I need to lose before I start to get the unprovoked "wow, you look great!" and "you've lost weight, haven't you?" kind of comments from people when I see them?

Initially I thought it would be around 20 pounds down.  But so far the only comments about my weight loss and morphing body (for the better!) have been from my husband.  (thank you honey, btw, your encouragement and compliments go a long way towards motivating me!)

But honestly, I think it takes longer when one has a lot to lose like I do.  Even for me, as I stand and look into the mirror at myself in the buff I can notice that my belly is shrinking...and my face looks thinner.  I can begin to see some definition in my calves.  But I don't see HUGE difference.  I look hard to pull out those differences.

But then, when I get on the scale and see I've lost 20 pounds in 2 months, or I put on pants that are starting to become ridiculously too big on me, or I measure myself and see several inches lost (this is a prophetic statement, since I have done my 2nd measurement yet...that will come March 7th)...then I KNOW that 'objects in the mirror are INDEED smaller than they appear!'

How long did it take for you before *they* noticed?
PS - I've been formulating an idea for a weekly or bi-weekly McLinky post...which I reveal to you on Friday!!  Stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on the 20lbs. In 2months? Wow! I've lost 15 and it's taken me since October. Ugh! :)

    I've gotten 2 comments from friends and it was just last week when I hit the 15lb mark. I noticed a big difference in myself when looking in the mirror when I finally got rid of all the fatter of my fat clothes and started wearing clothes that actually fit me. Baggy clothes make me look bigger than I am. I think it takes a while for people to notice, especially the people you see all the time. No one at work has noticed yet, none of my friends that I see all the time. Just my hubby, my workout buddy, and the 2 friends that hadn't seen me in a few weeks.

    Keep it up. Eventually, they will all notice and be oh so jealous. :)

  2. Me, too! Me, too! I've told several people who know I'm losing weight that I'm looking forward to someone who doesn't know noticing and commenting on it. It hasn't happened yet and I'm less than 1/2 a pound away from the 30 lbs. down mark.

    I'll be honest: It takes *me* a long time to notice on other people. I have a friend who started losing weight about a year before I did. She was right at 40 lbs. down before *I* saw a noticeable difference and commented.

    Like you said, when you've got a lot to lose, it sometimes takes a big loss for people to really notice. Like you, though, *I* am seeing a difference when I look in the mirror. I've really noticed it in my stomach, my butt (which, I'll just be honest, was HUGE) and my face. My family has commented on it, as well.

    I'm still really looking forward to the unsolicited comments, though.

  3. The first comment I got was that my boobs were getting small. Now, EVERYWHERE I go my family/friends are telling me that I look tiny. At my grandpa's funeral I got compliment after compliment...everyone told me how tiny I am. It was a great feeling. I am almost to 50 pounds lost since high school(7 years ago) and almost 20 down from when I started this journey in August! I am a mere 17 pounds to goal and I couldn't be more excited! I am not great at noticing people losing or gaining weight unless it is like 30-50 pounds depending on the person.

  4. I think you are right on the showing up part... I didn't get comments until 30 lbs or so... seriously... I think for me it was an initial downsizing, then it started to go into the curves and such... I do believe that to be true too!! booooo for that! ;)

    Looking forward to celebrating with you on your next weigh in!! yay!

    Your picture totally cracks me up girl! LOL!! Love it!

  5. Yes, as I recall from former times of losing weight in my life, the most unsolicited comments came after I lost 35-40 pounds...halfway there! I haven't dropped any sizes yet (though I think I'm on the verge of it...pants are getting annoyingly baggy...), so I know that makes a difference too. And like I said in the post above, I'm not really worried about it or bothered by it...more just curious as to how much weight is lost before *they* begin to notice. Thankfully I have a WONDERFUl cheering squad right here at home! :) (and in all you wonderful blog-friends! THANKS!)