Monday, February 1, 2010

NSV's And Weigh-In Day!

I like putting my NSV's and weekly weigh-in on the same post.  Keeps things in perspective, ya know?  That the number on the scale isn't the ONLY reason I am doing this.

Last week I was pretty discouraged that I had done so well the week before on eating and exercise and yet showed no loss (nor gain) on the scale.  What gives?  But I tried not to let my discouragement affect me.  I wish I had read THIS POST from Flowerdust earlier in the week (I found my way there from Prior Fat Girl).  It really gives great insight and perspective to keep in mind especially on those weeks when the scale doesn't move, or doesn't move as much as we wanted it to!

Like, for example, this week..  I weighed in this morning at 282...a loss of .2 freaking pounds (which really equals two ouncesTWO OUNCES!), for a TOTAL January loss of 9.2 pounds.  That means I did NOT meet my weight loss goal of 10 pounds for January... Why?!

[photo credit: - chuckb]

I gotta rant here for a sec.  I know, I know, listen to my words of wisdom above...but every once and a while a rant is needed too, right?  Here's the dealio...I've been working out EVERY DAY for the last two weeks.  Usually twice a day.  PLUS a walk with the dog in the AM.  And on the days I missed the afternoon workout (which I do occasionally) I made it up later in the week with 3 workout days.  My eating has been good...a couple minor slip ups here and there, but still a FAR CRY from my old eating habits.  I confess, I did a couple sneak peek weigh-ins this weekend on Saturday morning and another yesterday.  Both weigh times were late morning or early afternoon...after a couple of meals and a lot of water consumed.  Those sneak peek weights were 280 and 281.  But do I get those numbers on weigh-in day?  Nooooo...  One week with no loss, another week with only a loss of 2 ounces?!  I can't be at a plateau already, can I?  Super frustrating.

BUT calm down Holly.  Breathe.  Stress only holds onto weight anyway.  I always tell people, keep on keeping on.  One of my NSV's below is about how long I've stuck with this.  In the past when I reach the 'standstill on the scale' point, or the point of too much temptation, I give up.  Not going to this time!  So what to do?  Well, evaluate...last week I did a lot of snacking.  Even though they were healthy snacks for the most part, too many snacks still equals more calories...healthy or not.  So I need to cut back on the snacking.  I only got to bed before midnight TWO times last week.  Gotta do that more.  And my water consumption was OK...but not great.  I've been writing down what I eat in the sidebar of my blog...but not counting calories.  For this week I'm going to count calories in...and try to keep it at or below 1500.  And I know that the less carbs I eat (even healthy ones), the more likely my body is to release weight.  So I'm going to limit my servings of carbs this week to two per day.  Also, I'm gonna make myself be done eating when the kids go to late night snacking!    (*Big Sigh*)  I CAN DO THIS!  WE WILL GET THERE!   

(okay, rant done...onto NSV's...a good marker of success even when the scale is mean to me...)

I AM encouraged along the way by the following NSV's (Non-Scale Victories)...thanks for opening my eyes to the concept of NSV's Eclipsed No More!

1 - I put on one of my size XL t-shirts this week for one of my workouts.  My habit in the past when putting on these t-shirts has been to immediately stretch out the shirt a bit more once I put it on so it doesn't cling to my belly rolls.  BUT when I put on the t-shirt I started to prepare it to be stretched out, but then realized it didn't feel tight on me.  I pulled the shirt down like normal, with no stretching out.  And it hung on me like t-shirts are supposed to.  No tightness, so constriction.  It didn't need to be stretched out!  Since then I've put on two or three other size XL t-shirts and always the same story...they fit great just the way they stretching!

2 - I'm starting to see a bit of muscle definition in my thighs and calves from all the workouts...muscle IS being built!

3 - Muscle soreness...a good kinda sore.  That means they are being worked.  Yay!

4 - My two girls LOVE make-believe play, and will often make believe they are teachers, doctors, dentists, etc.  The other day I saw them playing make-believe they were workout instructors!  And there they were in their leotards with blankets on the floor as their mats, doing exercises they see me do everyday as part of my workout videos.  They are learning the value of healthy, regular exercise.  Super dee duper cute!

5 - ONE MONTH.  There have been MANY times that I have started 'eating better/working out' with the intention of 'for real this time'.  Only to fall off the wagon two weeks later.  I have HONESTLY not made it as far as one month in the dozens of times I've started 'working out/eating better' in the last five years.  Not once.  But today marks one month with nearly NO backsliding.  I truly AM for real this time!!!!

What are YOUR Non-Scale Victories (NSV's) this week? 
 And/or can share those too!


  1. Way to go!! keep up the good work. I know it is hard to keep it up when the scale isn't moving but having clothes that fit better and look better is really huge!! so congrats!

  2. Very encouraging to me today...cuz I'm in the same boat. Ugh. Scale didn't budge this past week, leaving me at -7.6# in a month, also not meeting my monthly goal. So very sad today.

    But, yes, there are other things I can celebrate...loser fitting clothes, feeling better, knowing I am becoming healthier. Still, I so wanted to meet that goal.

    Unlike you, I did not get as many workouts in this past period had me feeling tired, cranky, bloated and generally unmotivated. I fought against it, but evidently not enough.

    Still, HOl, this is not going to deter us from continuing to move forward! Thanks for your post today.

  3. Wtg on the NSV!! You ARE seeing progress. If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to read my weigh-in post for this week. I was right there with the almost-nothing weight loss and a friend sent me a link that helped me tremendously last week.

  4. Thanks Gals! Nothing like some good encouragement on a day when the journey hasn't been encouraging! You are all right...we WILL get there!