Sunday, February 21, 2010

Menu Plan: February 22-28

My first week menu-planning went very well!  All recipes were made as planned, and nearly all were hits with me, the hubs and kids alike!  Definitely a marker of success!  :)

Our faves last week were:

Bean & Cheese Burritos
Chicken & Whole Wheat Dumplings (though I did salt this a little too amply...I'll back off on the salt next time!)
Pizza Casserole
Simple Soaked Blueberry Pancakes

Here's the plan this week:  (and per the Do or Do Not Challenge for Week 7, I've been intentional to have a healthy protein & a complex carb in every meal)

MONDAY, February 22nd
B-fast: Serve Yourself (options like fruit, yogurt, cereal, whole grain bread for toasting, oatmeal, etc. will be available for myself, my kids and the husband to choose from)
Lunch:  Tuna w/homemade cheese crackers
Dinner:  Salmon Burgers w/side salad

TUESDAY, Feb. 23rd
B-fast:  Oatmeal & Fruit
Lunch:  Popcorn Chicken & Carrot/Celery sticks
Dinner: Cheesy Turkey Sausage Stromboli

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 24th
B-fast: Serve Yourself (see Monday)
Lunch:  Corn Dog Muffins
Dinner: Melting Snowflakes with Veggies

THURSDAY, Feb. 25th
B-fast:  Simple Soaked Blueberry Pancakes
Lunch:  Pizza Pockets
Dinner:  Garlic Chicken Pasta w/side salad

FRIDAY, Feb. 26th
B-fast:  Mini Breakfast Pizzas
Lunch:  Cheesy Turkey & Rice
Dinner:  Make-It-Yourself Whole Wheat Pizza

SATURDAY, Feb. 27th
B-fast:  Applesauce Bread & Fruit
Lunch:  Hot Dogs & Veggies
Dinner:  Sloppy Cornbread

SUNDAY, Feb. 28th
B-fast: Serve Yourself (See Monday)
Lunch:  Leftover Sampler
Dinner:  Broccoli & Veggie Brown Rice Stir Fry

Snacks:  Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread,  String Cheese, Fruit, Carrot/Celery/Bell Pepper Sticks w/Hummus, Nuts, Applesauce Protein Bars (I never made these last week, so I'll have to get 'em done this week!), sugar free pudding/jell-o, Laughing Cow Cheese with crackers or Celery Sticks


  1. Sounds like you'll be eating pretty well. It's great that you plan your menus. I should take the time.

  2. Mmmm...your snacks sound good. I've gotten lazy with snacking lately, which means I'm either getting in a rut or not snacking, which leaves me too hungry at mealtime. I'm going to take notes from your snack list for the next time I go grocery shopping.

    Way to go adding the proteins and complex carbs, too. I read your challenge post and I was struck by how interesting it is that once we start making healthy changes, sometimes we find that we're making steps in the right direction without really even being conscious of it. That's a good feeling.

  3. @Weighting Around - thanks! It is only week 2 of menu planning, but it's been working well so far!

    @Kris - I like my trying to work my way away from fake sugar/processed snacks, but some Jell-O & SF pudding still sneak their way in there. I'm looking forward to trying the Applesauce Protein bars and the Zucchini Bread!

  4. oh I totally notice a difference if I haven't planned for the week. I feel defeted and we eat out more. I also just love Laura at Heavenly Homemakes!! I get a lot of ideas and recipes from her. Good job!

  5. Thanks Deanna...can't remember how I discovered HH (maybe from your blog?!), but I LOVE all her that they are natural, healthy, usually budget friendly and great for kids. In fact, I'm about to make her popcorn chicken for lunch!