Sunday, February 14, 2010

Menu Plan: Feb. 15-21

I've always wanted to be a menu-planner.  I've just never succeeded.  Oh, I've had moments of greatness...the ONE week that I planned and carried out all the meals on my plan, utilizing the groceries I had purchased to their maximum efficiency.  But to date, that has only happened once.  I've tried other times, but those weren't successful. 

But with my recent endeavors to track my eating for caloric intake purposes, I found that I was quite successful with my weight loss and more cognizant of my food consumption when I was tracking.  However, hitting a roadblock of getting sick and being low on groceries at the same time led me to pick less than desirable snacks and easy, but less healthy meals.  Plus I said 'forget it' to tracking too, so there were a couple days this pas week where I didn't track at all and I am hoping the scale doesn't totally penalize me for it come Monday!

With my desire to feed my family more healthfully and naturally combined with my desire to make good meal and snack choices for myself and my family, I've decided to make a weekly habit of meal planning prior to my grocery shopping expedition for the week.  Hopefully a pleasant side effect of this endeavor will not only lighten MY load, but also our pocketbook as well, as I've heard that menu-planning helps frugal families stay on budget with their food bill too!  My usual menu-plan days will be Friday, so this post will likely come on Saturdays in the future.  Many of the options below I found from other blogs, and where possible I posted a link to the recipe.  I am notorious for changing up recipes a bit...and you can bank on any ingredients that I can go lower-fat or whole grain with, I will.  Also, we don't eat ground beef, so any recipe calling for ground beef will have ground turkey as a replacement, etc.

MONDAY, Feb. 15th

B-Fast: Serve Yourself (this means that self-serve options like cereal, breakfast bars, oatmeal, toast or fruit will be available to spouse, kids and myself.
Lunch: Bean & Cheese Burritos
Dinner:  Tilapia & Pepper Packets

TUESDAY, Feb. 16th

B-Fast:  Eggs & turkey bacon w/toast if desired
Lunch: Open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches & homemade tomato soup
Dinner:: Chicken & Whole Wheat Biscuits

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 17th

B-fast:Serve Yourself (see Monday)
Lunch: Chicken & Cheese Snowflake Quesadillas
Dinner: Pizza Casserole

THURSDAY, Feb. 18th

B-fast: Serve Yourself (see Monday)
Lunch:  hot dogs for the kids/serve myself from the lunch spread at co-op...(make good choices!)
Dinner:  Homemade Mac & Cheese w/Broccoli

FRIDAY, Feb 19th

B-fast: Simple Soaked Blueberry Pancakes
Lunch:  Open-face Tuna Melts
Dinner:  Make-It-Ourselves Whole Wheat Pizza

SATURDAY, Feb. 20th

B-Fast: Turkey Bacon Egg Bake
Lunch: Baked Chicken Burgers
Dinner:  Dinner at our friends Cheryl & her dear husband's house (methinks a brown rice pasta dish & salad...yum!)

SUNDAY, Feb. 21st

B-fast:  Serve Yourself (see Monday)
Lunch: Leftovers Sampler
Dinner:Lasagna Roll-Ups

Snacks for the week include:  fruit, carrot & celery sticks, applesauce protein bars (from Eat Clean for Families cookbook),  frozen fruit, sugar-free pudding or jell-o, crackers w/Laughing Cow cheese.


  1. Thanks for all the great menu ideas! Sounds like you are eating pretty good.

  2. Thanks! I am hoping that having a menu plan for the week will help me stay on track with eating good balanced meals for my day. So far so good (day 1)...and it is nice not to have to wonder 'what am I gonna make for lunch...dinner...have for snack...etc.'

  3. Hope it helps--it always does for me.

    Your post made me hungy!lol

  4. Thanks Keelie! And come on over for a meal anytime! :)