Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Eats!

This weekend we explored several 'Fun Eats' that were also lower calorie/low or no fat treats for Valentine's Day.  And they were all big hits!

First..."Snow Ice Cream"!

I found the 'recipe' for it HERE, and promptly changed it to fit what we had on hand.  Scooped off the top layer of snow on our deck and then filled up two bowls with the clean fresh snow underneath.  We then added sugar-free syrup, a bit of honey, dash of vanilla and enough skim milk to make it creamy.

Then stir it all up.  YUM!  Sassafrass wasn't sure she liked the mixture at first (see that face?!), but kept coming back for more and more bites!

 "Fizzy Funfetti Cake"

 Got this idea in my inbox from the Hungry Girl e-newsletter and was astounded by the simplicity of it.  I had to give it a try!  Got the Funfetti Cake Mix for .88 cents and one can of Diet Cream Soda cost .30.  The recipe results in 12 pieces of cake (each with 180 calories and 3.5 grams of fat per serving) for less than .10 cents per serving!  Frugal in calories AND in cost!  :)  I admit I was a little uncertain of what we would get mixing a can of pop with a cake mix and no other ingredients.  But it mixed up well and smelled delicious while it was cooking.  When it was done I served it up 'naked' (ie - no frosting) and it was a huge hit with kids and adults alike!  We'll do this fact, I find myself wondering if we could make modifications for other similar recipes.  For example, would Diet Sprite or Diet Cherry 7 UP mixed with Cherry Chip cake work just as well?  I will try it sometime...and I'll let you know.

"Angel Food Pineapple Mixed-Upside Down Cake"

I got this idea from Kris at Eclipsed and it involves two of my favorite guiltless goodies.  Angel food cake and pineapple!!  I had to try it, so I decided it would be our family treat for Valentines day.  Make sure to get the crushed pineapple that is packed in it's own juices/water instead of heavy syrup.  I didn't pay attention and picked up the wrong kind.  The heavy syrup kind.  Which means more sugars and more calories.  But I went out and bought a second angel food cake mix and can of crushed pineapple (this time the 100% juice kind) so I could make two.  I made the less sugary/caloric one for me and my family on V-day and made the 'in-heavy-syrup' one for our small group on Monday night...they can handle the extra calories!  This got rave reviews from home and small group alike, so it will be making a reappearance!  Thanks Kris!


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I made a cake-mix-and-diet-soda cake last week. I couldn't believe how great it turned out! I'm making another one tomorrow -- this time strawberry with lower-fat cream cheese icing.

  2. I know, I was super shocked about the pop & cake mix thing (and I saw on your post you can do it with brownie mix too...sweet!). So easy. I'll probably do cakes like this from now on...trying to eat 'light' or not! It's just way easier to dump a can of pop into a bowl with cake mix...and quicker too! I'm looking forward to doing a strawberry cake myself...hope you enjoyed yours!