Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do or Do Not Challenge - Week 7

Week 7 already!  Crazy how time is flying...and each week that progresses means each week I've been consistent in developing healthy habits for life!  

PS - I kinda fell off of my daily posting this week for a couple days...but I was staying strong with my eating & exercising.  Just didn't have much to say I guess... 

Kris @ Eclipsed suggested the following two challenges for the Week 7 Do or Do Not (there is no try!) Challenge:

1 - When menu-planning this week, include a healthy protein and a complex carb with each meal.  
I did menu-planning for the first time in a long time this past week...and it was so nice!  No more wondeirng 'what will I make for dinner?' and groceries weren't languishing away in my fridge or cupboard with no planned purpose.  And though I made my menu-plan before the challenges this week, I went back and looked it over...and was pleased that the majority of my meals did include a healthy protein and a complex carb.  Lunches such as bean & cheese burritos (beans/whole wheat tortilla), grilled cheese & tomato soup (whole grain bread, cheese, tomatoes), and baked chicken burgers (chicken, veggies).  Dinners like Chicken & Biscuits (chicken, veggies, whole wheat biscuits), and Make-It-Ourselves Pizza (veggies, chicken & whole grain crust).   Even my fave breakfast of steel cut oatmeal with apples includes both healthy protein and complex carbs.  I do tend to have snacks that are just complex carbs or are just I am working on combining the two to create power snacks.  One of my faves so far is an old stand-by...a string cheese stick and a clementine orange.  YUM!

2 - Post encouraging messages around the house.
I haven't done this...yet.  It is a good idea though!  I plan to put my favorite motivating Bible verse on my mirror in the bathroom..."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13) and the now infamous Yoda quote, "Do or Do Not, There is No Try" on my refrigerator.  Above my desk in my office I will put "Here I Come ONDERLAND!"  :)  I'll take pics after I get 'em posted, I promise!  :)  Words are powerful, one of the reasons I write and read blogs...the power of the written word is inspiring to me.  


  1. Sounds like you're doing a great job! I love coming to your blog--the layout is great! Very easy to navigate but different from most. I like different:)

    Have a great Sunday with your "blessings"!

  2. Well hello there my Miami Momma friend!!

    If your week was like mine, I have had a house full of sickies, and have felt MIA too!! Life just keeps going doesn't it??

    Great ideas on the new challange!! I am going to do number 2... post encouraging notes around the house.. Excellent way to keep truth before your eyes! I love that!!

    (((hugs)))) Have a beautiful day! Amy

  3. Hi,
    The jogging DVD is one of Lesley Sansone's DVD's. It's a bonus DVD that comes with 4 Fast Miles. The bonus DVD is called Advanced Jog, which starts with a short walk warm up and then jog for a mile. I usually do it twice. I hope you can find it! I've been looking for other jogging DVD's, but have been unsuccessful.

  4. @Keelie - thanks! I can't take a lot of credit for it, it is a free template that I grabbed and tweaked a bit, but I like it too!

    @Amy - we had the sickies here too, and for once I was the one that started it! PS - I'm "Minnesota" Mami (spelled that way b/c my kiddos are adopted from Colombia and that is the spanish spelling of Mommy...NOT Miami Momma...though I wish I could be somewhere that warm right now! :)

    @Dawne - thanks for the info! Too bad there aren't more options out there...but I had been thinking about getting a Leslie Sansone DVD anyway, so I'll look for the one that comes with the bonus DVD too!

  5. Hi And thanks for dropping by. WE haven't travelled far this time. 2 1/2 hours driving from home to the airport. 1 hour and 20 minutes flight from Auckland to Christchurch where we are spending 3 weeks. We are dividing our time between our 2 sons so hope we don't wear out our welcome. If we do a few helpful chores and cook a few meals we should stay sweet. We have no problems that I'm aware of but I do remember getting stressed out when my in-laws stayed with me when we were young so I'm determined to be sensitive and not disrupt their lives more than I can help.

    It's hot, 29`C/84`F late summer here. I'm glad the house is cool.