Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do or Do Not Challenge - Week 6

Well...I haven't been sick in a long time...but a little virus (or something) has knocked me out the last couple days.  That's why you didn't hear anything from me yesterday.  And as I type today, I am wrapped up in my Snuggie, with a twisted up Kleenex hanging out of one nostril (isn't THAT sexy?) with some chamomile tea on the table next to me.

Nope...haven't worked out.  Tracked my food yesterday, but haven't even bothered today.  But I've probably had less than 1,000 calories today...don't have a huge appetitie - one benefit to being sick!

So hopefully it clears up soon.  I laid low as much as possible today...doing the basics of teaching for my kids this morning, then having a fun (read: relaxing) afternoon making Valentine's cards.

Mommies don't get 'sick days'!

Kris at Eclipsed posted her Week 6 Challenge a couple days back.  By the way, Kris has already surpassed 25% of her goal and is nearly to the 25 pounds lost mark...YAY KRIS!!

This week's challenge includes:

1 - Split Up Your Calories:  The idea here is to take into consideration how many calories I plan on using each day (for me, I like to stay between 1700-2000) and then think about how often I prefer to eat.  I'm definitely a snacker, so I prefer 3 smaller meals and 3 snacks throughout the day.  So it turns out that often my meals are about equivalent to my snacks in terms of calories.  For example, yesterday I had an extra large dinner with 775 calories, but my snacks, lunch and breakfast came out pretty similarly at 321, 281 and 288 respectively.  That was a little off b/c I was sick and not eating as much throughout the day...getting hungrier around dinner.  Usually each of my meals and combined snacks come out to 400 to 500 calories each, which works well for meeting but not exceeding my caloric intake for the day.  Some of my favorite snacks are:

Bowl of Cereal (Kashi Cinnamon Harvest & Multi-Grain or HoneyNut Cheerios)
Apple with 1T. natural crunchy PB
Mandarin Orange & Cheese Stick
Sugar Free Pudding or Jell-O (when suffering cravings for sweet stuff)
Slice of whole grain homemade bread w/1T. natural cruncy PB and 1T. low-sugar jam
Homemade Mocha (coffee mixed with 1T. cocoa mix and 1/2 c. nonfat milk)
Mixed Nuts
Multi-Grain Crackers (sometimes with PB or Laughing Cow Cheese)

2 - Walk At Least 10,000 Steps 5 Days This Week:  Don't know if I'm gonna make this one, given that I've had the last 2 days laying low and not moving a whole lot.  But I like the challenge!  Wish I had a pedometer...for those of you who have one, what do you recommend?  If I ever get my hands on some 'fun money', that will probably be one of my first purchases.  BUT if I'm feeling a bit more energetic tomorrow, I plan on taking the dog on a longer walk - longer than just around the block and I've thought about doing a jogging in place workout at home...have any of you done this?  I'm feeling challenged to find adequate cardio exercise given the current 2 feet of snow outside and limited space in my living room.  The Cardio 1 and 2 workouts on my 30-Day jump start definitely get my heart pumping, as do some of the workouts on the Wii...but I'm just trying to think of alternatives to spice things up a bit.  Any suggestions?

There's something else I've been thinking about...I think it would be sweet to organize a Workout Video Swap with many of my new online 'getting fit' buddies!  Currently I'm working out using the 30-day Jump Start DVD from The Biggest Loser, plus programs on TBL Wii program.  In about a week and a half I'll have completed the 30-Day Jump Start and will be looking for a different workout to run with.  I'd love to do 30-Day Shred or something like that.  I'm also interested in the WalkFit (is that what it's called?) DVD series.  And P90X may be a late spring adventure for me.  So then I got to thinking...we probably all have a few DVD workouts that we've used or are currently using, but won't be using for the long haul.  If people feel comfortable loaning out their unused DVD's (with the expectation that they will get them back within a certain time frame), it could be a great FRUGAL way for all of us to mix up our workouts.  I'd be happy to put together a Workout DVD Swap for bloggers to participate in, setting up guidelines, etc.  BUT I'd like to hear your thoughts, questions, concerns and how this idea would help you.  So leave a comment and let me know.  Also, if you already know you are interested in being involved, let me know in your comment!


  1. Thanks for the yay. ;-) I hate to hear that you've been sick...not the most fun way to lose weight. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Oh, thanks for sharing your snack ideas. I love string cheese and I love oranges, but I never really thought about having them as a snack together. That would probably satisfy my craving for something sweet and keep me fuller longer with the protein. I'll also have to try the PB with my apple now that I've decided I like apples.

  2. Believe it or not, a lot of libraries have exercise DVDs that you can check out from them, that is a free way to try to mix up indoor workouts! If you want some MAJOR calorie burners outside since you are in MN, you could volunteer to shovel snow for however many people and that would be a major full body workout which would mix things up, you would feel it later, and be doing good for others :)

  3. Good point about the library MNM...why don't I think of these things? Probably b/c I owe a few fines at the library...oops! And the shoveling snow thing...also good idea. Our association technically does the shoveling, but they are always a day or two late, so I could get it done AND get a workout!

    Kris - I thought I was starting to get better, but then got knocked down again. Starting to feel better again, but taking it easy. Determined not to let this sicky thing throw me too far off course. And yes, I like sweet and salty combo snacks. PS - had the angel food cake/pineapple cake last night for V-day...YUM!