Thursday, February 25, 2010


NOTE: This is not me, nor anyone I know...

I'm guessing a lot of you have heard of the Couch to 5K program, since I heard about it from many of you!  But I just read up on it a bit more this morning and I am excited about it!  As you recall, I started adding jogging into my workout routine a while back (read about it HERE).  But I had no real rhyme or reason to my jogging routine.  Here is the progression so far:
  • Began by walking around my little neighborhood in my townhome complex (equivalent of probably 2 blocks)
  • Began jogging around 1/2 of the little neighborhood, walking the rest (equivalent of walking 1 block & jogging 1 block)
  • Began alternating walking and jogging around my little neighborhood as well as past the local elementary school and over into other neighborhoods (equivalent of about 10 blocks)
  • I began counting my steps as a way of pacing myself (I actually just started counting instinctively, this wasn't a thought out 'technique') and decided to gradually increase the number of steps I was jogging and decrease the number of steps I was walking in each interval.  
  • Currently my interval is:  Jog for 250 steps, then walk for 200 steps, then jog for 250 steps and so on for about 6-8 blocks (after a 2 block warm up, and followed by a 2 block cooldown)
So clearly I've been progressing...that is a YAY!  In the past I always made the mistake of jumping in too hard and too fast to jogging that I would end up with painful shin splints.  I definitely don't want those to sideline me this time, so I've been trying to work more gradually into jogging.

But to be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing!

So, coming across the C25K program via a few of your blogs seemed like the answer to my dilemma!  A well-laid out plan designed for me...the exercise and jogging newbie!  And it gives me a goal to work towards in a time frame that seems doable!  And another thing I'm excited about is that there are downloadable podcasts with songs that fit with the workout schedule for whichever week you may be on.

Problem is, I don't have an iPod/MP3/etc.  But my husband does!  Think I will be borrowing it.
Oh honey...!

Back in July of 2006 I ran a 10K!  A 10K people!  And here I am trying to run more than 250 steps without stopping to walk.  Craziness, isn't it.  I will say, in my defense, that I didn't run the 10K non-stop.  But I did run 3 miles of it non-stop.  See, I had signed up to be the running leg of a triathalon team with my co-workers for this event.  My co-worker who asked me to sign up with her team told me it was a 5K.  Seemed doable...I was in better shape at that time.  So I agreed, but didn't really review the info about the race until about 2 weeks before the race. was NOT a was a 10K!!! BIG DIFFERENCE!  I was prepared for a 5K...gulp.  But I actually did well for myself...not a top finisher by any means, but ran the majority of the course with only a few short intervals of walking (so I wouldn't DIE).  So I KNOW if I put my mind and my body to it, I can run a 5K in a few months.

Motivation for me is helped along by a tangible I'm thinking very strongly about signing myself up for the Race for the Cure (Susan G. Komen) 5K to be held on Mother's Day at the Mall of America.  That is 10 weeks from March 1st (the date I plan to embark upon the C25K plan)...and the plan itself is 9 weeks long...sounds like it will work perfect!

Any Minnesotans want to do it with me?!?

Who else is doing the C25K program right now?  How is it working for you?  What week are  you on?  What do you recommend to a newbie just starting out?


  1. I started the c25k a few weeks ago and was doing really great. I was measuring progress in minutes and I actually got up to 5mins of running which is totally cool for me because I have always hated running and was obviously not so good at it. Then....the shin splints. A couple great bloggers advised me to go to a running store and get fitted for proper running shoes to take care of the shin splints. I didn't do it. Well, not yet anyway. I just spent a ton of money on my roller skates and pads and stuff so buying another pair of shoes to run a 5k doesn't sound like a good plan right now. Maybe I'll rededicate myself to it for my activity in March. Who knows. But for now, I'm off the c25k program. :( I hate defeat!

    Oh no! I can't believe I just said that.

    I can't admit defeat to running a stinking 5k. That's just wrong. No! Fine then. I'm declaring running my March activity and I will go look into the shoes and conquer this stupid challenge. Oh and's all your fault. :) hahaha. JK. Totally sarcastic and fun...not serious. :)

  2. I started with a C25k 6 months ago and LOVED IT!! Now, I am training for a half marathon. It was definitely tough to finish, but once I did the reward was worth it :)

  3. Congrats on your progress. Keep it up. I can't wait to hear of your race.

  4. oh my! Running doesn't appeal to me at all! I think a few years back (like 2002) I was doing a bit of liesurly jogging, just like, around the neighborhood, but nothing major and I didn't keep it up very long. So, I will be glad to cheer you on from the side lines :) But good luck and I hope you enjoy the program!

  5. Well, how far is 5k? I think it's like 3 1/2 miles, right? If so, I'll do it with it a walk or a jog or a run?

  6. Thanks for the encouragement gals!

    @Cheryl - 5K is 3.1 miles...and you can walk, jog OR run...whatever you'd like!
    @Deanna - I am not a fast runner nor do I have any desire to do a marathon EVER...but the shorter distances (5 miles or less) I have liked doing in the past...and it always helps to melt the weight off! Thanks for cheering me on from the sidelines! :)
    @Rosa - Thanks! I will definitely keep ya updated!
    @Salina Lyn - Yes, I've often fallen victim to shin splints...that is no fun! And hey, I don't think you are admitting defeat even if you don't do the C25K...because you are still doing SOMETHING...rollerskating is a great workout! You can work towards rollerskating a 5K! :)

  7. Oh and @Continuous Changes - thanks for the encouragement...glad to hear the program worked so well for you! Can't imagine doing a half-marathon...but who knows what the future may bring!!!

  8. congrats on starting the plan! i'm on week four day three... it hasn't gotten any easier for me... and as far as doing te 5k, i'll be with you in spirit! my mom and i are doing on for breast cancer in pittsburgh, pa, on the same day! keep it up and thanks for being an inspiration!

  9. I'm so proud of you for taking on a goal like this! I promise you will love it! There is no better feeling than crossing the finish line for the first time - or the 10th time etc... for that matter! I Look forward to following your training!