Monday, February 8, 2010

Back ON the Wagon

I woke up this morning saying to myself..."time to get back ON the wagon, Holly!"  

I didn't ever fully fall off of the wagon, just mostly dragged behind it in the dirt for a few days.  Remember my emotionally exhausting couple of days?  Those days had no exercise (minus my walks around the block with the dog) and then yesterday when I was supposed to do my last chance workout, I still did NOTHING in terms of exercise.  Lazy butt.  

I did do pretty good in terms of eating.  Calorie count usually stayed under 2000 per day, though there were a couple days when I went over by a couple hundred.  No biggie.  

Remember how last week I was lamenting that I had only lost 2 OUNCES...and the week before had lost NOTHING, despite being 'on the wagon' both of those weeks?  After comments from some of you AND a heart to heart with my sister, I decided that perhaps I wasn't eating enough calories, and ramped up my daily caloric intake to 1800-2000 (it had been 1200-1400).  

With two previous weeks of negligible loss on the scale combined with increased eating and less working out, and that I'm right in the midst of my 'cycle', I was a bit nervous to step on the scale this morning.

I got on, saying under my breath "please be nice to me, please be nice to me, please be nice to me..." and then the number popped on the scale and my jaw dropped!

***This is the part on the Biggest Loser where they switch to a commercial before letting you see the number on the scale***

But I won't do that.  

The number was 277.6!!!!

That means a LOSS of 4.6 pounds!  That is pretty awesome.  Guess the ideas given for how to bust a weight loss slowdown (ie - change up your eating & exercise) really worked!  With that loss it puts me pretty much back on track to where I wanted to be at this time. 

This week I'm going to keep my caloric intake between 1800-2000, staying below 2000 every day.  I will also work out every day at least 30 minutes (and preferably more like 60 minutes each day).  

Yep, I'm happy & excited to see the scale drop as much as it did!  Gives me renewed energy and confidence.  But I'm trying not to let the scale take the place of God in my life...we ARE doing this and I will continue on this journey regardless of what the scale says from week to week.  

We will get there!  And so far I'm 13.6 pounds into the journey!  No going back now...  

AND WAIT...I always put up my NSV's on Monday too...let's not forget about those!

1 - Had some emotionally tough days last week and DIDN'T turn to food for solace.  YAY!

2 - Resisted the Doritos and M&M's that friends brought over on various days this weekend.  YAY!

3 - Spent time playing with  my kids outside yesterday.  YAY!

PS - I took my measurements and will be posting them in the sidebar later today.

How Was Your Weekend?


  1. HOLLY!!! That is just fantastic news, girl!! almost 5 lbs!!! (high five) :)


  2. Seriously, God is good. He rewards those who seek Him. WOW!!!! I'm so happy for you and it's very encouraging for me to read that someone else is choosing not to let the scale become their god.

  3. That is super! I had to lol at the "commercial" break. My 9yo watches The Biggest Loser with me and we always try and predict when the commercial will come with the dramatic music and all lol. Great job and I hope you continue to have a good week. :)

  4. Okay, I totally thought that I'd already commented on this. Maybe I was dreaming. At any rate...WAY TO GO!!! That is awesome! What an encouragement. At least you didn't make us wait until after the Olympics like BL. What was up with the "to be continued" this week??